3 Tips for Marketing Success on Koble

Koble is the only platform that lets you compete for more business, easily, transparently and without incurring huge costs. Through posting content, and letting the software do all the work to find the right, interested parties for your content, you will be in position to grow your presence as far as you see fit. But before you start to market yourself, here are a few tips on how to get the best results:

  • Grow faster, grow stronger – The more you are visible, the more you will be found, the more you will sell, the more you will grow. Communicate and advertise yourself freely. Use all your information and materials to broaden the chances of being found. But what content do you have? Probably more than you realise – and it’s already there. You can use the business case you made upfront for your product; customer success stories; white papers; blogs you’ve written; an explanation of what your company does; press releases; specification sheets; diagrams; company profiles; the list goes on. It doesn’t have to be a mammoth task to create content and use it to be found.
  • Be different — Lead the charge –Think about what is unique about you — use differentiation to grow your presence. Emphasize your differencies and Koble will take care of making them transparent to the right people. You aren’t just selling a product, or a service, you are selling much more: your time, your experience, your capabilities, your client base, your testimonials, your reputation — think about the value add that you bring every day to your customers. We will help you focus on those special things that make you stand out.
  • Engage quickly – Learn Faster, Win Faster — On Koble there is no need to fear failure, because you can’t lose face. The whole process is about testing/failing/winning/learning in anonymity. It’s ok for a buyer to say no! And you will learn from the experience. So engage early, encourage true feedback and give true feedback. When you are not physically confronting someone, the relationship is more open and honest. So take those experiences and learn from them.
Post by: Koble