Bot on the Landscape – Why Real People And Real Analytics Are Vital.

We’ve recently been advertising various promotions on our social media channels and we’d noticed a rise in the amount of followers we had. This should sound great, but the reality is that we didn’t know at the time how many of these new followers are actual real people, or how many are Bots which got us thinking “How will these bot accounts affect us?”


What are Bots?

For those that don’t know, Bots are algorithms acting in social media networks and other places, suck. But to the outside world, they look like a real user. They can come in all shapes and sizes, and they can seem great, but some of them are very simple, ranging from bots who will like whatever you post, provide fake followers and much more.


How Bots Affect your Data.

Brands often measure social media activity as a whole, where every engagement counts equally. We feel that shouldn’t be entirely true, because normally a brand wants to only address their specific target group, and engagement by someone outside may not be ideal, as they aren’t in your target market.

Social media is crowded. It’s competitive. And it’s essential to test and track your results so that you can identify the most effective strategies, which is why social media analytics are so important. Without data or feedback on what’s happening, you’re in the dark about what is and isn’t working.

If there are Bots following you or liking your pages, this will skew the data even more giving you a non-accurate report on what is actually happening on your channels.


Get The Correct Analytics and Engage.

Let’s take a look at your audience: How engaged are they? Are they likely to become customers or return customers? Detailed analytics allows you to answer these and related questions. This lets you plan your social media/Content Marketing with a purpose rather than simply posting and hoping something will work.

With a good analytics tool and the knowledge of how to use this info, you can target your messages precisely in order to generate the best engagement. We understand this and we want you to have the best analytics at your disposal. We also insist on users signing with a valid corporate email address (which gets verified), so all of our users are real people. There are no Bots on Koble.


Our analytics not only provide you with your Click Through Rate (CTR), we also show you what company they are from and also how long they read your content. Armed with this data, you can see whether your content is being seen by your target audience, allowing you to adjust accordingly.

By taking prompt action, your brand can get ahead of the competition. With the right tools in place, you can remain competitive and connect with customers in a way that turns them into long-term loyalists.

Post by: Koble