Challenging the Traditional Marketing Space – A New Ocean for Suppliers to Swim in

The World Trade Organization in its latst report on International Trade Statistics 2015, tells us that in 2013, B2B global e-commerce was valued at about US$ 15 trillion and B2C e-commerce at more than US$ 1 trillion, with these figures forecast to rise steadily. Selling to a business requires a very different strategy from selling to an individual. For one, the volumes will be larger, and you have to think very carefully about the requirements of the business doing the buying, how they will use your product, and the value (above and beyond dollars) that your product will bring to their business. You have to think about and prepare for the questions that they will need answering; you have to be able to create and provide content from many sources that tell them what they want to know about your business, your product, your service. It’s no wonder small and mid-sized enterprises lag behind multinationals in contributing to and developing this kind of trade. It’s a daunting prospect for many SMEs, providing all that is needed to get yourself noticed and even be in with a chance of competing.

And even once you have all the necessary background information in place, you may still stumble at the first hurdle, because global search is far too general to allow all players to be found – especially the smaller ones. This is in spite of the fact that you may well be the perfect match for that buyer. Marketing yourself is expensive. SMEs can’t develop because they can’t be found. By ‘verticalising’ this process, SpendLead carves out a space for the SME, where your customers can speak for you. Through posting your content you become more visible, you have a showcase, a voice, and you don’t have to be IBM to do it. It’s the Blue Ocean strategy for the B2B economy, an ‘uncontested market space’ — what if your business could be in a league of its own, setting the pace instead of competing traditionally.

SpendLead allows you to stop selling and start supporting, by letting your content do the work for you. The whole nature of the buyer/seller relationship is transposed – you are helping your buyers communicate more meaningful, precise content about your business to the right people, in the right organizations. And on SpendLead, all products and solutions have the same chance of being found.

Post by: Koble