Most Trusted Accounting Firms by 2019 Ratings

  1. indinero

    Other services, Professional, scientific and technical services
    Accounting, Tax, and Compliance software + service hybrid solution for start-ups and small businesses.
  2. Parker Dewey

    Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services, Arts entertainment and recreation, Information, Management of companies and enterprises, Other services, Professional, scientific and technical services, Public administration, Educational services
    We believe that the current recruiting system does not work for employers, individuals, or universities. Making a hiring decision based upon a transcript and a bit of work experience is not effective.
  3. Wholesale Payments Inc

    Finance and insurance, Information, Professional, scientific and technical services
    Wholesale Payments Inc., Inc. is a Merchant Service Provider for Visa and MasterCard. In other words, we provide businesses with the ability to accept credit cards and in addition to Visa and MasterCard, we can also set merchants up with American Express, Discover and Diners Club as well as gift cards and In addition, we provide 100% risk-free check acceptance with our Check Guarantee Service.
  4. Aflac

    Finance and insurance, Educational services, Health care and social assistance, Accommodation and food services, Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services, Arts entertainment and recreation, Construction, Management of companies and enterprises, Manufacturing, Other services, Professional, scientific and technical services, Public administration, Real estate and rental and leasing, Information, Retail trade, Transportation and warehousing, Utilities, Wholesale trade, Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction
    Over 50 Million people worldwide have chosen Aflac because of our commitment to providing customers with the confidence that comes from knowing they have assistance in being prepared for whatever life may bring. With Aflac, whether you're a large business or a small one, you can provide your employees with the kind of benefits they’d expect from a bigger company, helping your business stand out from the crowd.
  5. NDH

    Information, Professional, scientific and technical services, Finance and insurance
    Our “why” is to contribute to meeting overall business strategy, improve corporate performance, and enable growth. From 15 years experience working with financial managers and company stakeholders in implementing Cloud ERP, and integrated applications, our engagements demonstrate a connection between systems and meeting a company’s goals for growth. This connection is established when stakeholders can manage resource, view financial results and order/contract flow, and forecast in real-time.
  6. VANCO Financial Group, Ltd.

    Finance and insurance, Other services, Management of companies and enterprises, Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services
    We are financial consultants. We make recommendations that help our clients use their money more efficiently and uncover savings they can often realize immediately. We found that being more efficient with your money is the safest method for building a solid foundation of wealth and protection. Maintaining liquidity and multiple stores of wealth is the surest path to a long, successful retirement and transition; It is better to avoid losses than chase after higher rates of return at more risk.
  7. Crown Commercial Service

    Public administration
    The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) brings together policy, advice and direct buying; providing commercial services to the public sector and saving money for the taxpayer.
  8. Ashdown Group

    Professional, scientific and technical services
    The Ashdown Group are accredited members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo). In addition, the majority of our Account Managers are degree qualified with commercial backgrounds in either IT, media, marketing, HR, accountancy or business strategy.
  9. New York Life

    Finance and insurance
    Hi, we're New York Life, America's largest mutual life insurance company.* We provide insurance, investment, and retirement solutions along with expert guidance to help you achieve lifelong financial well-being. For all of life's milestones, we're here for you, your family, and your business.
  10. BluePay

    Finance and insurance, Information, Other services
    B2B, B2G, ENTERPRISE, SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED — IN EVERY INDUSTRY. We are a leading provider of technology-enabled credit card processing services, with expertise and experience in meeting the unique needs of all types of businesses.
  11. Strategic Acquisition Solutions

    Finance and insurance
    We understand the challenges and delicate balance between cost management, supplier relationships and business continuity because we have lived it. We work together with you to develop solutions to optimize operational spend that aligns with your unique business strategies.
  12. Wit Innovation / Saxon Global

    Information, Professional, scientific and technical services
    Wit Innovation has been one of the earliest companies to work in the age of the customer. Our story is intertwined with the changing user experience and customer interface such as building engaging mobile apps to offering artificial intelligence enabled conversational interfaces. We work hard to steer our customers ahead of their competition using technology as a key differentiator.

How Much Do Accountants Cost?

Based on the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average rate for an accountant in the US is $40 an hour. This benchmark average is important to bear in mind, especially as you contact top accountants and receive quotes for their services. You’ll know if they are charging above or below the average.

It's important to note, however, that this average rate will fluctuate based on a number of factors, such as location, experience, the type of accounting services, expertise, education, any additional fees or cost-addons, and your relationship. If your accounting needs are on-going and you want to enlist the help of the best accounting firms to handle all of your yearly accounting needs, this can affect the cost. While you’ll spend more, because your needs are greater, this established relationship will make you and the accountant feel more comfortable negotiating costs.

How To Choose The Best Accounting Company

Identifying and choosing the best accounting company requires some insight. Here are some of the top things that you should consider:

Consider Certifications And Qualifications

The accounting industry has many professional associations and certifications that help regulate and control the best accounting firms. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is the top association in the US. When looking for the top accounting firms, you should strongly consider a certified public accountant. While CPA firms may cost more, they will be best suited to adeptly handle your accounting job.

Ask About Past Accounting Experience

Each business is unique, which means their accounting needs are also unique. You want to hire someone that has experience providing accounting and advisory services to businesses similar to your own.

Investigate Their Reputation and Experience On Your Own

Do a little homework ahead of time and look at each accountant’s website or social media pages to find out who their past, and current clients, are. If possible, reach out to some of these companies, especially the ones with similar accounting needs, and ask about their experiences with the accountant.

What To Expect When Working With An Accounting Firm

When you enter a relationship with an accounting firm, you’ll have some initial expectations. It can be difficult to tell if your expectations are set too high, or if it’s a matter of the accounting firm under delivering. Here are some things that are reasonable to expect when working with an accounting firm:

Two-Way Honesty

The relationship between a CPA and its clientele is founded in trust and honesty. As you begin working with a certified public accountant, this is one of the most important expectations to understand. It’s also one of the hardest to achieve. It’s always uncomfortable talking about money, especially with someone that you are only just getting to know.

Year-Round Advice And Guidance

You should expect a great accountant to always be there to provide advice and guidance. Not only will this alleviate any accounting stresses you may experience throughout the year, but it will also minimize errors in your tax accounting. Unfortunately, not all CPA firms offer year-round services. This is something you need to discuss before hiring an accountant.


People in the accounting industry are typically thought of as being strictly about number crunching, spreadsheets and analytical thinking. The truth is that the best accountants bring a fair bit of creativity to the table. This is a powerful trait for accountants because tax codes are not nearly as black and white as many people assume. These creative accountants are adept at finding clever solutions that allow their clients to overcome certain tax codes and, ultimately, save money.

Are There Different Types Of Accountants?

The accounting industry is broad and encompasses many different types of accounting. Understanding these various styles and their purposes will help small business owners know what type of accountant to hire.

Certified Public Accountant

With extra levels of qualifications, CPAs are usually upper-level staff members at their firms. While CPAs may help clients with taxes and financial recordkeeping, their main responsibility is typically to provide advisory services and assists their clients to save money and achieve their financial plans.

Tax Accountant

Most people hire an accounting professional because they need help preparing and filing their tax documents. This is easily the most popular type of accounting because every taxpayer, whether a business or individual, can benefit from the assistance of a tax accountant.

Cost Accountant

Cost accounting focuses on finding areas where money can be saved, particularly by minimizing expenses in areas like labor costs, supply chain, production, and others.

Management Accountant

A management accountant takes a broader view of an organization and its finances to gain an understanding of the overall financial health of that company. Management accounting is vital for businesses that are in the midst of making big, strategic moves that will affect the financial health of the company.


Auditors are experts at finding errors and inaccuracies, in financial statements and other information systems, and correcting them. Some auditors will specialize in a specific type of business, so when finding an auditor, look for one whose experience aligns with your industry.

Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant shares a lot of similarities to an auditor. The primary difference is that a forensic accountant looks at and prepares financial statements and records for use in court.