Best Artificial Intelligence Companies by 2019 Ratings

  1. Mighty AI

    Mighty AI is a data management platform for autonomous vehicle perception data. We provide all the software, expertise, and expert annotators needed to create ground truth datasets for vehicle perception models. We convert raw, unlabeled data into useful high-quality data, pairing machine learning with human intelligence to revolutionize how companies manage perception data and create ground truth data to train and validate their models.
  2. Cerebras Systems

    Cerebras Systems is a stealth mode startup backed by premier venture capitalists and the industry’s most successful technologists. We are entrepreneurs dedicated to solving hard problems. We value integrity, passion, problem solving ability, and a sense of humor, and are always looking for extraordinary people to join our team.
  3. New Knowledge

    Created by experts in national security, digital media and machine learning, we protect brands and industries from online campaigns that manipulate narratives and damage reputation.

    Our mission is to revolutionize the future of transportation by building the safest and most reliable technology for autonomous vehicles. Armed with the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, we aim to deliver our technology at a global scale. We believe our work has the potential to transform lives and industries for the better.
  5. Machinify

    The Machinify system automates and abstracts away much of the manual work involved in developing and deploying AI. This radically compresses time-to-deployment while also democratizing the use of AI throughout your organization.
  6. Abeja

    ABEJA aims to fulfill our corporate role by orienting people toward a world to come, through taking this course of actions in economic activity.
  7. Syntiant

    SYNTIANT™ is a new breed of semiconductor company. Combining the best of deep learning and semiconductor design, SYNTIANT fundamentally advances machine learning capacities in edge devices.
  8. Master data solutions

  9. Jalgos

  10. MyCura Technologies

  11. AiFi

  12. Stellar Apps!