Elite Technologies & Communications

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Elite Technologies & Communications, Inc. (“Elite Tech” or the “Company”) is an 20 year old stable growth company, outsourced provider of Engineering, Furnishing and Installation (“EF&I”) solutions to the telecommunications industry, offering Engineering, DC Power and Transport, Access & Switching (“TAS”) services. The Company is unique in its ability to offer turnkey solutions for its customers’ Central Offices (“CO”), from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall. Being a one-stop shop.


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Financial information

Year founded
Business classification
Small Business
Professional, scientific and technical services
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Nearest office
106 Industrial Park Road, Brookville, Pennsylvania, United States

Products we sell

  • - Small cells
  • - Telecommunications consulting
  • - DC power installation service
  • - Electrical and electronic engineering
  • - Network and fiber optic cabling

Markets we serve

  • - United States
  • - Ohio
  • - Pennsylvania
  • - Maine
  • - New Jersey



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