Gas Engine Testing & Training

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To provide the highest quality training designed to meet an individual’s changing needs at different stages on their career path. To provide that training in a manner that encourages the learner’s interaction and improves the long term retention of the material. The end goal is to take each individual to a higher knowledge level where they can perform the job better and do so with increased confidence and safety consciousness.


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Year founded
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Veteran Owned Small Business
Educational servicesMining, quarrying, and oil and gas extractionOther servicesProfessional, scientific and technical servicesInformation
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P.O. Box 408, New Meadows, Idaho, United States

Products we sell

  • - Workplace safety equipment and supplies and training materials
  • - Pipeline service equipment
  • - Education and training
  • - Operation and supply chain consulting
  • - Oil and gas engineering

Markets we serve

  • - North America



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