Jrme Inc

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IT, Health IT & Infrastructure Support Operations. 24/7 Bilingual Call Center. 24/7 Notary Public. We offer QUALITY, COST EFFECTIVE, FUN LOVING TEAM of professionals to support you anywhere and everywhere you go. Connect with us


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Minority Business EnterpriseOtherSmall BusinessSmall Disadvantaged BusinessWoman Business EnterpriseWoman Owned Small Business
Administrative and support and waste management and remediation servicesInformationOther servicesProfessional, scientific and technical servicesPublic administration
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311 Frontier Circle, Indian Trail, NC, United States

Products we sell

  • - Computer hardware
  • - Custom software development
  • - Logistics software
  • - Development software
  • - Systems integration

Markets we serve

  • - North Carolina
  • - Maryland
  • - Washington
  • - New York
  • - Virginia



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