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MindDios is founded by a passionate group of educationists in self-development. In the market there are self-development courses focusing in brain development which is either developing the Left Brain for Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or Right Brain for Emotional Quotient (EQ). We emphasize on activating our Midbrain which is the forgotten brain where it helps to sharpen our 5 senses.


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Educational services
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Plant 2, Unit 6, Plot 85C, Lintang Bayan Lepas 9,, Bayan Lepas, Malaysia

Products we sell

  • - Broadcasting
  • - Advertising
  • - Mobility services
  • - New products and services research
  • - Childcare

Markets we serve

  • - Malaysia
  • - Singapore
  • - Indonesia
  • - China
  • - Taiwan


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