Orchan Consulting Asia Sdn Bhd

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"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional". Author John C Maxwell didn't mince words when he spat that famous saying out. The thing is, deep down, we all know it is true. That said, what most of us aren't aware of is how best to cope with and capitalise on those changes. Orchan Consulting | Asia (Orchan for short) is an established one-stop shop for positive change. As communication visionaries, we roll up our sleeves and guide our clients through the whole gamut - from strategic media relations right through to reputation management. And we do it all with passion and pride. After all, your reputation is our reputation too.


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Year founded2009
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Ilham Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Products we sell

  • - Public relations
  • - Media relations services

Markets we serve

  • - Malaysia
  • - Indonesia
  • - Vietnam
  • - Singapore



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