Strategic Partnerships LLC

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We help companies to put together a unique, robust Total Rewards package to help make recruiting, retention and rewarding of employees more effective. We help employees to save money, protect their identities, protect their paychecks, access affordable legal resources such as will preparation, protect their assets, and much more. For business owners, we provide resources to help them to grow their business customer by customer, as well as help them protect what they have built.

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Health care and social assistancePublic administrationProfessional, scientific and technical servicesFinance and insuranceConstructionInformation
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4230 E. Towne Blvd. #332, Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Products we sell

  • - Compensation and benefits planning
  • - Legal services
  • - Business and corporate law
  • - Financial and insurance services

Markets we serve

  • - United States
  • - Wisconsin
  • - Illinois
  • - Minnesota



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