The Rombo Group

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Company description

The Rombo Group is owned by Vera Real Sdn. Bhd. (939310-A). Based in Cyberjaya, the Multimedia Super Corridor of Malaysia, Vera Real Sdn. Bhd. provides Internet of Things and Real-Time Location Tracking solutions to people and businesses through innovative technologies. Our solutions help businesses increase the safety and security as well as the performance of their business.


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InformationEducational servicesProfessional, scientific and technical servicesRetail trade
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D-G-12, Plaza Crystalville, Jalan Vita 1, Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Products we sell

  • - IoT dashboards
  • - IoT platform
  • - LoRaWan sensors
  • - Internet of Things (IoT)

Markets we serve

  • - Malaysia
  • - Australia
  • - United Arab Emirates


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