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Since 2097, we make auto-ML a reality (yes, before it was "invented"). Timi builds a suite of analytics tool that span form the fastest ETL (1 billion records per minute on a laptop), and the most accurate automated predictive tool on the market: timi modeler. Based in Belgium, we also have offices in Bogota and Lima, and through partners serve our clients from London, Chicago, Monterey, Mexico DF, Santiago de Chile, and Dubai.


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Small Business
InformationFinance and insuranceHealth care and social assistance
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Carrera 54 10618, Bogotá, Colombia

Products we sell

  • - Analytics software
  • - Artificial intelligence
  • - Data integration
  • - Data processing
  • - Machine learning

Markets we serve

  • - Europe
  • - South America
  • - North America
  • - Africa


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