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Founded in 2012 with deep roots in the computer science labs at Stanford and UC Berkeley, Trifacta is the industry pioneer and established leader of the global market for data preparation technology. Our products draw on decades of research in human-computer interaction, scalable data management and machine learning to make the process of refining data faster and more intuitive. Today, more than 50,000 Data Wranglers across 12,000 companies use our solutions. And every independent and analyst ranking has named Trifacta the number one data preparation solution worldwide.


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Year founded2012
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Finance and insuranceInformation
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Canal Street 180, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Products we sell

  • - Artificial intelligence
  • - Data analysis
  • - Data enrichment services
  • - Data classification services
  • - Data capture

Markets we serve

  • - North America
  • - Europe



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