Top Data Services Companies in Minnesota by 2019 Ratings

  1. Executive Data Solutions Inc

    PerfectLaw is the most function- and feature-rich legal software that uses a single All-in-One (TM) database for all law office applications. This means you enter your data once and it's immediately available to everyone and every application, subject to security constraints.All-in-One (TM) software reduces the cost/effort of installation, training, support, & maintenance. With PerfectLaw, there is only one vendor to call, and one comprehensive suite of products for your law firm to learn.
  2. 50 Below Inc

  3. Synchron Voice & Video

  4. Vata Communications Inc


  6. Arrowhead Regional Computing

  7. Etn Systems

  8. Mobi Soft Software Service

  9. Deerwood Technologies

  10. Klein Bank

  11. On Line Accident Data Inc

  12. Digitiliti Inc