Top Data Services Companies in New York by 2019 Ratings

  1. Big Data SmartSurveyApp

    Big Data SmartSurveyApp or SmartSurveyApp is a proven cloud-based SaaS app equipped with machine learning and predictive analytics tools that is exclusively built to: Conduct high-quality online and offline surveys, market research and/or behavioral studies in any industry, Run any data-related project to collect unlimited volume of data that is ready for analysis and modeling/visualization, Uncover hidden insights/patterns in raw data and predict future outcomes and trends.
  2. CO-Collective LLC

  3. Scotti Financial Data Services Inc

  4. Redline Technology

  5. Nucleus Imaging

  6. Gs3 Medical Billing LLC

  7. Donnic Data Corp

  8. Big Dog Innovations LLC

  9. Smartclip LLC

  10. Ostroy Inc

  11. Single Platform Corp

  12. Maroon Technology Ltd