Top Data Services Companies by 2019 Ratings

  1. Ingenuity Technologies

    Ingenuity Technologies is a Software Engineering, Quality Assurance and Testing Company which works with medium to large enterprises to develop and deliver systems to help them increase their revenue, streamline their operations, improve their profitability and optimize their business performance.
  2. Native Communications LLC

    NATIVE is a 360 ° communication agency, native of digital.We claim a new form of agency, agile, with adaptive capabilities inspired by digital, which allow us to intervene on all communication issues: strategy of
  3. Data Pro Accounting Software

    Data Pro's Infinity Power products consist of over 15 application modules targeting specific industries such as Financial Accounting, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Point of Sale, Payroll, Inventory Management, Bank Reconciliation, Support Billing and more, users find that Infinity Power is highly flexible in its implementation and design.
  4. Executive Data Solutions Inc

    PerfectLaw is the most function- and feature-rich legal software that uses a single All-in-One (TM) database for all law office applications. This means you enter your data once and it's immediately available to everyone and every application, subject to security constraints.All-in-One (TM) software reduces the cost/effort of installation, training, support, & maintenance. With PerfectLaw, there is only one vendor to call, and one comprehensive suite of products for your law firm to learn.
  5. Cvm Solutions Inc

    CVM Solutions, a Kroll Company, is the premier provider of global supplier data and supplier diversity solutions. CVM delivers data, services and technology needed to manage supplier data and advance Supplier Diversity initiatives to achieve corporate sourcing objectives. CVM has partnered with more than half of the Fortune 100 and half of the Billion Dollar Roundtable members to leverage and consolidate supplier information enabling our clients to take their programs to the next level.
  6. Spectrum Input LLC

    PreciseFP is the leading client profile builder and forms tool. PreciseFP is also an engagement tool that allows advisors to create subject-specific forms that solicit feedback from clients and prospects on topics that resonate with them. Use our library of forms created by industry experts, or design your own forms for the unique needs of your clients and prospects.
  7. Datatrac

    Datatrac Web empowers users to manage their courier or trucking business through a modern web-based interface--making the power of Datatrac accessible anywhere, anytime.Never be tied to a particular platform, operating system, server hardware or even physical location.The system includes dispatching capability and phone applications.
  8. Paperless Transaction Corp

    Paperless Transaction Corporation powers the most progressive and comprehensive Church/Ministry Giving and Event Registration Platform in the world. Whether your donors want to make a contribution or register for an event by simply using their computer, a simple text message, or a custom mobile iOS or Android App, Paperless extends these powerful tools to your organization. Paperless has a whole donor management element that allows donors to easily manage their recurring giving.
  9. Master data solutions

  10. Magpi

    Magpi lets users collect field data using mobile apps, SMS, and IVR with integrated visualization and messaging, with no programming or technical expertise required. Try our free basic version, with no time limit, or upgrade to the enhanced capabilities of a Magpi Pro or Enterprise subscription.
  11. 2interactive

    A portal based global HRMS solution with many seamlessly integrated modules for HR, Payroll, Time, Talent And Risk management.
  12. Hitchhikers' Internet Services

    Scalable airline reservation solution that provides ticket restriction and tariff checking, and reduces resources used in ticketing.