Top Data Services Companies by 2019 Ratings

  1. Rosslyn Analytics Inc

    Fully automated spend analytics service, which gives everyone within an organization enriched spend visibility.
  2. Kennebec

    Configurable system that measures muscle strength and/or range of motion and produces session and narrative reports for P.I. and W.C.
  3. Tio Networks Usa Inc

    Mobile payments app that can be custom branded to offer convenient bill payments and customer service on the mobile platform of choice.
  4. Semotus Solutions Inc

    Wireless paging software for text, voice and fax messaging to virtually any device.
  5. Keystone System Technologies I

    Dispatching, billing, driver/carrier settlements, fuel taxes, full integrated accounting.
  6. Automatic Data Processor

    ADP TotalSource, is your comprehensive HR partner for benefits, payroll, compliance, risk management, safety, recruiting, and more.
  7. All Payer Exchange LLC

    Web-based claims processing solution that helps with managing revenue cycle and scheduling patient appointments online.
  8. Wireless Data Services North America Inc

    Provides real-time information relating to current stock levels, inventory movement, employee productivity, and customer order status.
  9. 5g Technologies LLC

    Cloud-based solution that manages power quality and energy consumption by connecting with sensors, transducers.
  10. Intransure Technologies (P) Ltd

  11. Arnold Gurney Limited

  12. Dynamic Contract Solutions Inc