Top Engineering Services Brands in Florida by 2019 Ratings

  1. Elite Technologies & Communications

    Elite Technologies & Communications, Inc. (“Elite Tech” or the “Company”) is an 20 year old stable growth company, outsourced provider of Engineering, Furnishing and Installation (“EF&I”) solutions to the telecommunications industry, offering Engineering, DC Power and Transport, Access & Switching (“TAS”) services. The Company is unique in its ability to offer turnkey solutions for its customers’ Central Offices (“CO”), from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall. Being a one-stop shop.

    We are an international trading company specializing in the sale of spare parts and components for the aerospace and aviation industries. We feel the expertise and the services our company offer are essential in today's global market economy.
  3. Ram Architecture

    Ram Architecture is a Chicago's Industry Leading Architectural Design Firm. We believe that architecture creates a memory of experiences. The smell of centuries old, wet, stone walls that chilled your skin; the dizzying verticality of gothic cathedrals; the conservatory's intoxicating oxygen-rich air; the silky smoothness of japanese cypress, with its luscious golden hue; and the comforting embrace of rain on a metal roof.
  4. White Box Design

    Designing Success. With over 20 years of professional experience and a passion for design, White Box Design are experts at designing success. Focusing on the design process, listening to clients and finding creative solutions creates products that are emotionally appealing, a pleasure to use and most importantly, are successful in the market place.
  5. Conexia

    Improve Care Quality:We partner with our clients to implement risk management strategies that result in better outcomes with lower costs.Operational Excellence:We work directly with clients, leveraging best practices and technology to achieve operational excellence through automation.Improve User Experience:We strive to improve the user experience for everyone involved in the ecosystem.Optimize Resources:We deliver a minimum 3:1 ROI
  6. RedTeam Software

    RedTeam is a robust commercial construction project management solution - a cloud application developed by contractors to effectively manage everything from pre-construction through project closeout, while connecting team members using any device. RedTeam provides solutions for all steps of the project management process, from generating new business, pre-construction, contracting, performance management, and financial management.
  7. Delta Labs Inc

    TimeLeap is a time tracking tool and budget control for digital agencies. Earn more by working smarter. Spot bottlenecks and budget overflows before they happen. TimeLeap makes it easy to recognize exploding expenses before they happen, so you can steer your projects towards success. Get informed immediately on task that are long-running or overshoot your estimates.
  8. Dietz & Dietz

    Responsive Digital Asset Management system out-of-the-box as cloud solution or stand alone in your own infrastructure.
  9. Kahn Architectural Degin

  10. Dixon & Associates Architect LLC

  11. Gunter Group Inc

  12. The Preston Partnership LLC