Top Engineering Services Brands in Missouri by 2019 Ratings

  1. Logic

    Logic, Inc. is a regional high-tech distributor of industrial automation products. Since 1981, we have built a reputable organization that provides solutions and services with control products to aid engineers, system integrators, OEMs, IT and management professionals for process manufacturing industries.
  2. Ignite It

    Ignite is a global offshore software development company with a mission to provide best ever custom software development services using expert methodologies which all relies on the talented pool of some expert developers in Eastern Europe. Ignite has conducted many successful global projects and offers its customers high-end software development services at offshore rates while keeping utmost control simultaneously.
  3. Workspace

    With you can create a traceability matrix with the touch of a button, quickly verify the fulfillment of requirements, catalog stakeholder feedback, publish documentation, convert requirements to test cases, manage change requests and much more. is available online and on-premise. A free version is available. Signup today.
  4. Marathon Digital Services & MySmartPlans

    MySmartPlans is a revolutionary tool that partners fast and easy to use software with effective account management and upkeep. Each MySmartPlans client is given access to a staff of Project Information Managers who handle the daily tasks associated with proper management and implementation of construction management software. This includes everything from preparing your project for Closeout, keeping plans and specs current and tracking/archiving communication streams on projects.
  5. Global Link Land Surveying & Engineering Inc

  6. Jackson Design LLC

  7. Medallion Electric CO

  8. Shultz & Summers Engineering

  9. Hellmuth & Bicknese Architects

  10. Design Group Architects Ltd

  11. Torgerson Design Partners LLC

  12. Aedis Inc Architects & Interor