Top Facility Management Companies in Ohio by 2019 Ratings

  1. Human Elements Properties LLC

    When you started your company it was just you, and you did it all. The moment you hired your first employee…things changed forever. You had to pay them so you hired a payroll company. You hired another employee and had to add benefits. You kept growing and growing and adding more and more employees. Your payroll company offered you additional bits and pieces to treat the issue without considering the future and you wound up with was a jumbled mess.
  2. Properties Online

    This service allows real estate pros to capture mobile leads by offering home buyers the ability to text for more information about a home.
  3. 3rd Edge Solutions

  4. Rti Properties LLC

  5. Rose & Rose Properties Ltd

  6. Knapp Properties LLC

  7. Pica Pica Properties LLC

  8. Porch Front Properties LLC

  9. Simeon Enterprises Inc

  10. Blessed Sacrament Church

  11. Scheks Properties LLC

  12. Crossmark Properties