Top Facility Management Companies by 2019 Ratings

  1. Andrew Freeman Property Adviso

    Andrew Freeman & Co. is a high energy hospitality consulting agency with a unique blend of expertise. The team does whatever it takes to build awareness for our clients and ultimately increase sales by implementing current techniques and strategies. We know that each client is unique and we treat them as such by developing tailored campaigns that deliver on the goals determined together. We believe that with a little creativity, hard work and collaboration, anything is possible.
  2. Red Rooster Properties L L C

    Red Rooster PR is a high-performing, creative agency focused on keeping one step ahead of our clients’ needs. We listen, assess, manage and maneuver—we’re never at rest. We are driven by our talents, fueled by our relationships and motivated by our partners’ objectives. Our nimble approach and avid appetite for results, along with our endless energy, gets brands noticed and keeps brands moving.
  3. Newport Group Properties LLC

    Newport Group helps companies offer their employees a more secure financial future through retirement plans, insurance, and consulting services. Since 1985, we have been a growing and dynamic enterprise, providing solutions to some of the most respected companies in the United States, from small businesses to the Fortune 1000.
  4. Common Ground Properties L L C

    Common Ground Public Relations award-winning public relations team based in the Midwest with unparalleled enthusiasm for helping clients communicate with their essential audiences through online and traditional means. Our philosophy is to help organizations define their unique stories and then tirelessly pursue relevant opportunities to match.
  5. Bradford Allen Properties LLC

    Bradford Allen Realty Services, a Chicago-based, national commercial real estate company provides a full array of brokerage services and expertise to entrepreneurial and corporate business entities as well as not-for-profit organizations. The firm provides real estate strategy, advice, marketing, and transaction execution for occupiers, investors and owners of real estate.
  6. Human Elements Properties LLC

    When you started your company it was just you, and you did it all. The moment you hired your first employee…things changed forever. You had to pay them so you hired a payroll company. You hired another employee and had to add benefits. You kept growing and growing and adding more and more employees. Your payroll company offered you additional bits and pieces to treat the issue without considering the future and you wound up with was a jumbled mess.
  7. Zoran Properties LLC

    Zoran Properties Inc. has proudly served the real estate industry since 1988 providing property and asset management services. Today, we manage over 3,000 units across Greater Toronto Area – from condominiums to commercial and industrial units. These include high and low rise residential buildings and rental apartments.
  8. Proprietors LLC

    Proprietors LLC was established in 2007 as a group of hospitality professionals with one goal: to further cocktail culture. Proprietors focuses on three core areas: building world-class, cocktail-centric beverage programs for clients; consulting on flavors, formulations, strategy, marketing and branding for the beverage industry; and managing Proprietors LLC partner-owned bars. We live for cocktail culture, and we love helping it grow. We started out in this industry by opening bars.
  9. Malcolm Grear Designers Inc

    Founded in 1960 and internationally recognized as a leader in two- and three-dimensional design, Malcolm Grear Designers provides its clients with imaginative solutions to a wide range of brand driven challenges.Malcolm Grear Designers’ participation in visual communication includes:visual identity and brandingwebsite and interactive designmarketing materialpublication and book designpackaging designsigns and wayfinding systems
  10. Henry Harper Properties LLC

    We are not ninjas, wizards or gurus. However, we love what we do, we've been doing it for a long time, and we are pretty darn good at it. We have been a preferred PR partner for brands across Canada for half a decade, and have worked in nearly every industry under the sun. With more than 15 years of experience in public relations, we have worked with some of the largest brands in North America. We have also helped smaller organization become bigger.
  11. Catalyst Properties Inc

    Catalyst Property Management was founded in 2007, by former mailman Mark Lunt, and has provided an industry-leading service in Northern Utah ever since. It was during his past life as a mailman visiting neighborhoods all around Logan that he began picking up rental properties. This was the start of something special, as his fruitless search for a property management company that shared his unique, proactive ethos led him to start this company.
  12. Signature Properties Of New England LLC

    In 2011, Signature Properties opened in downtown Kingsport. The company started small with only eight agents and the desire to give back to the community. The mission of Signature Properties is to give back to our area, both with physical and fiscal contributions. This is why a portion of every commission earned is given to the charity of our client’s choice, with no extra cost to the client.