Top Facility Management Companies in Wisconsin by 2019 Ratings

  1. Property Crew LLC

    SafeContractor was initially developed as a bespoke project for a Property Management client, who wished to outsource the annual vetting of contractors on its approved list. The interest shown by other clients identified the potential for a standardized system that could be offered to the whole company’s client base. In 1999, SupplyLine was born. After further development, the product was expanded to provide web-based access to its clients and was re-branded as SafeContractor in 2003.
  2. Zoran Properties LLC

    Zoran Properties Inc. has proudly served the real estate industry since 1988 providing property and asset management services. Today, we manage over 3,000 units across Greater Toronto Area – from condominiums to commercial and industrial units. These include high and low rise residential buildings and rental apartments.
  3. Ivy Property Development LLC

  4. Oconomowoc Business Center

  5. Hubbard Park Lodge Ltd

  6. Williamstowne Properties LLC

  7. Borst Properties

  8. Absolute Rental Properties

  9. Birchcove Vacation Properties

  10. Advisornet Property & Casualty

  11. Torbleau Trikes

  12. Gohlke Properties