Top Information Technology Companies in Delaware by 2019 Ratings


    We are into IT Infrastructure services from many Years. We offer IT Break-fix and IT managed services around the Globe. We have significant database of Network, Wireless and Security engineers who are spread across the Globe. Our engineers are certified and experienced and can provide both on-site and remote assistance as per client needs. In addition to it we have in-house team of Project Manager's and Solution Architect who make sure the engineers are consist of necessary competencies.
  2. IT Tigers LLC

    IT TIGERS delivers a complete IT support service to its Managed customers. This will provides a fully managed IT environment and access to the resource which will act as ongoing trusted advisory for all IT related matters, helping to have peace of mind and ensuring that there is ongoing management support to make IT based decisions which are in the interest of the overall business.
  3. Agile Media

    Agile Media is a Online Marketing agency created from the desire to offer clients a different promoting experience in the online competitive environment. Taking into consideration the global information and global data that we own about the Romanian market, we stand out from other Romanian agencies. We offer full online marketing services to all of our clients. We develop and implement personalized SEO strategies for each one of them.
  4. Native Communications LLC

    NATIVE is a 360 ° communication agency, native of digital.We claim a new form of agency, agile, with adaptive capabilities inspired by digital, which allow us to intervene on all communication issues: strategy of
  5. Nimble Accounting Service LLC

    Nimble Staffing helps owners and accountants of staffing business in minimizing efforts and saving time through process automations. To be more precise, Nimble plays an efficient role in simplifying Consultant Management, Timesheet Processing, Invoicing, Intercompany Management, Commission Calculations, Bank Reconciliation, Billing & Vendor management, much more
  6. inkyROBO

    inkyROBO offers completely responsive online T-shirt Design software for t-shirts design. Custom T-shirt Designer software is asoftware which customers use to create their own personalized t-shirt. Our software is unique because it is mobile friendly and can be bought @ 199 USD. The company has completed 3+ successful years in the online marketplace as a online t-shirt design software provider.
  7. Shepherd Software Group LLC

    Shepherd is changing the industry for the better. Veterinary Experience Technology is unlike anything on the market today. Weve thrown away the old PiMS model, and replaced it with technology that is intuitive and requires virtually no training.
  8. Legal Software Development Inc

    Mitigate reputational risks with automatic real-time indexing and preemptive conflict checking capabilities.
  9. Bayside Computer Repair

    Accounting software for oil and gas sector. Integrates with Oildex, comes with virtual filing cabinet space for document storage.
  10. Lumina Technologies

  11. Wide Webs - The InterNet's Domain

  12. Mugged Media Inc