Top Information Technology Companies in Mississippi by 2019 Ratings

  1. Orbit Communication Inc

    Orbit offers an integrated PR, public affairs and design service, firmly focused on your strategic objectives. Using our intimate knowledge of the media, politics and government, we create high-impact campaigns directed squarely at your target audiences. There’s no communications challenge too complicated for us.
  2. Signal Media Inc

    Don't settle for news once a day. With breaking news sent to your inbox in real time, we deliver relevant insights as soon as they happen.Powerful AI allows Signal Monitor to automatically sift the useful from the useless, sorting Apple from apples, Shell from shells, meaning the information you receive is always hyper relevant. With Signal, you can track as much as you want, through millions of news sources and thousands of premium publications, all at a fixed price. Request a demo!
  3. Pps Plus Software

    Find OASIS errors and clinical inconsistencies quickly and easily with PPS Plus Software's industry-leading OASIS analysis software made by nurses for nurses. OASIS Analysis Plus includes a full, clinical review of all assessments, consistent patient outcome reporting, and accurate HHRG and Medicare reimbursement.PPS Plus Software also provides home health agencies with:Educational ServicesCoding & OASIS Review ServicesPECOS Enrollment ValidationHHCAHPS Services
  4. Carraway Computer Systems

    Windows 32-bit Utility Billing Software that provides flat-fee, percentage and volume discount charge codes calculations.
  5. Landmark Data Systems

    Classify tools and assign them to the employees, trucks, job sites, warehouses, tool boxes, and other locations.
  6. Banktel Systems

    Automatic interface to host g/l & dda, saves manual entry or proof work; integrates with Microsoft Excel.
  7. Absolute Networks LLC

  8. Computer Genie LLC

  9. BluePhone

  10. West Computers Inc

  11. GilTek Computer & Satellite

  12. Darru Enterprises