Top Information Technology Companies in Ohio by 2019 Ratings

  1. BuyerQuest

    Our software streamlines and enhances the corporate buying process allowing our customers to increase user adoption, drive contract compliance, and save money. BuyerQuest combines the power of cognitive computing with the discipline of enterprise procurement, offering an agile solution that empowers companies to solve their complex procurement problems.

    Nohvech, Inc. is an Ohio based company. For over a decade, we have built up our capabilities, and we have the know-how to effectively deliver valuable services such as planning, implementing, managing, and supporting business technology hardware, software, and cloud systems.
  3. Banc Certified Merchant

    We service over 36,000 clients with a combined volume of 400 million dollars each month. Our business solutions have three elements for success: a design that meets the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, the speed and highest level of security in electronic communication, and Account Executives dedicated to client satisfaction. We offer unique solutions such as Zero-Cost Credit and Intelligent Rate through a license agreement with CardX.
  4. ANG Marketing Group, LLC

    ANG Marketing Group is a Northeast Ohio-based collaboration of business professionals founded by Tim Angbrandt. The roots of this consulting practice began in 2013 with Tim’s association with BVU and The Center for Nonprofit Excellence as a Marketing Consultant for the Greater Cleveland/Akron area
  5. Aquiire

    Aquiire’s intelligent real-time Procure-to-Pay suite brings the convenience and simplicity of the consumer shopping experience to the business user with unparalleled compliance and savings. Aquiire features patented, real-time B2B e-commerce shopping from a single search, advanced machine learning to improve search relevance and spend visibility and cutting-edge supplier relationship management technologies to automate buyer/seller collaborations. . More information at
  6. Hatch Communication

    Hatch Communications specializes in consumer and business to business PR, social media, sponsorship maximisation, and event delivery. We takepride inresults-not justcolumn inches and media coverage, but onesthat genuinely impactour clients' business. Whether it’s changing attitudes, increasing sales, or getting people talking about our clients on their blogs,Hatch’s aim is simple: todeliver new ideas and cutting-edge campaigns.
  7. Vehr Communications

    Vehr is an integrated marketing agency that delivers the most efficient and effective brand-building strategies, content and communications to support leading consumer and b2b companies, public entities and nonprofit organizations. We think deeply, create boldly and engage completely to help our clients succeed.
  8. Dhg Communications

    At dhg Communications, our strength is our people - a team of select individuals, each of whom brings fresh and innovative ideas to the creative process. Our sales representatives have backgrounds in sales, marketing, public relations, advertising, and financing. The consulting style of our sales staff emphasizes learning about the client's business and their goals.
  9. Sanctuary Software Studio

    Sanctuary Software Studio, Inc. is a professional services firm specializing in software development, user interface design and visualization. Our organization is a strong fit where a small team can impact deliverable features and schedule. We select technology based on the requirements. Source is always a deliverable.
  10. Streamlink Software Inc

    BoardMax is the leading web-based board management software. Organizations save time and money through streamlined document management, meeting planning and real-time performance tracking. With our latest solution, BoardMax Strategy, a multi-year strategic plan, goals and strategies can be housed and tied to board meetings, members and tasks, and paired with robust reporting capabilities. As a result, the organizations focus is kept front and center.
  11. Trimbles

    SketchUp is useful from the earliest stages of design to the end of construction. Programming, diagramming, design development, detailing, documentation, RFIs-wherever you need drawings, SketchUp pro comes in handy. Find a 3D model of anything necessary for your design work, turn models you have created into documents and customize your own add on tools to take away 3D modeling issues that may occur in other programs.
  12. Terradise Computer Systems Inc

    With over 30 years of experience, TerraPro helps funeral homes keep track of their daily paperwork, maintain price lists, create templates for various contract options and provides calendar / case status screens to help in scheduling. TerraPro works with other websites such as Answering Service for Directors, Front Runner Professionalto provide seamless Integration to your online presence. Additionally, TerraPro can interact with state EDRS systems to avoid re-entering information.