Top Information Technology Companies in South Dakota by 2019 Ratings

  1. Digital Designs Corp

    Digital Designs creative graphic website designs company was created by one of the nation’s leading web and graphic designers. His vision was to provide creative design and marketing solutions that are unmatched by anyone in the industry. The company started as one man’s vision has blossomed into a full service web design, graphic design and marketing powerhouse. Digital Designs’ management brings experience in web design, graphic design and marketing skills.
  2. Electric Pulp

    Electric Pulp, Inc. has been creating things for the web since 1996. We work with a broad range of clients from from well-known retailers to early stage start-ups. We're more than a web design shop. We have experience with end-to-end production of large-scale, international ecommerce stores, health and wellness programs, publishing platforms, e-learning / web-based training, mobile apps and even straightforward marketing sites.
  3. Zuercher Technologies LLC

    Zuercher Suite is a public safety software system, built as one application with one database from one vendor. It is comprised of Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mapping, Records Management, Mobile CAD & RMS, Jail Management, Civil Process Tracking, Financial Records, Agency Administration, Reporting, and much more. By combining agency-wide functionality into one easy-to-use system, the software coordinates and automates the thousands of tasks performed by public safety professionals each day.
  4. Mitchell Internet by Satellite

    RepairCenter represents the first of a new class of software solutions--the Shop Workspace--RepairCenter keeps shops focused on exceeding their customers' expectations by focusing on the following areas of operation:Opportunity Tracking, Financial Management, Customer Experience Management, Repair Procedures Management, Production Management, Parts Management, Labor Control and Estimating.Mitchell has combined repair management, customer experience management, and business management.
  5. KeyMedia Solutions

  6. Asio Studio

  7. Inter Ad Works

  8. Rapid City Satellite Internet

  9. Central Software Solutions Inc

  10. Yankton Internet by Satellite

  11. Merge3 Technology

  12. Talario