Best Managed Services Companies by 2019 Ratings

  1. EIL Global Pty Ltd

    Information, Professional, scientific and technical services
    EIL Global Pty Ltd. is a global information and communications technology company with an impeccable record for providing comprehensive, integrated Managed Services and Professional Services and excelling in Network Infrastructure Management Services (Voice, Data & Video) and other IT Infrastructure Services (End User Computing, Applications, Storage and Virtualization).
  2. STSS

    Information, Professional, scientific and technical services
    Strategic Telecom Supply & Solutions (STSS) provides critical support for new and legacy telecommunications, head end & data center equipment. We have unique programs and offerings to maximize longevity of your network and streamline your procurement practices. STSS provides some of the best asset recovery programs in the telecom and cable TV industries and aims to eliminate expenses associated with removal and disposal of your antiquated equipment.
  3. A

    APIS Consulting Sdn Bhd

  4. 1

    1Millennium International Sdn Bhd

  5. C

    Chatwin Company, LLC

  6. P

    P. Marshall and Associates, LLC

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