Best Management Consulting Firms by 2019 Ratings

  1. SeventyThree Marketing

    Professional, scientific and technical services
    We are a boutique Marketing Communications agency based in Helsinki. We cater for SME's and offer a personal, collaborative approach to solving your Marketing challenges.
  2. UNA

    Wholesale trade
    As a GPO, we have pre-negotiated contracts with most all of the nation's largest suppliers. We have leveraged our combined spend to get the best pricing which we pass onto our business clients. We consult, do market basket analysis, and save companies a lot of time and money.
  3. Data Synergo Sdn Bhd

    Professional, scientific and technical services, Other services
    Data Synergo understands and provides customised solutions for demand generation. We thrive on successful collaborations based on pillars of trust, teamwork and measurable outcomes. Talk with us and find the service that meets your business objectives. Our experience encompasses B2B and B2C activities
  4. Grata Software

    Information, Management of companies and enterprises, Professional, scientific and technical services
    Companies are continually striving to be the best that they can be. Grata helps consult upon and develop innovative technologies on cloud platforms through research & development. We assess the business, advise on technologies, architect solutions, implement and manage resources. Our clients have successfully launched new products, built cost reducing systems, migrated successfully to the cloud and have experienced mergers and acquisitions using our expertise and guidance.
  5. August Associates

    Professional, scientific and technical services
    August is the leading local management consulting company in Finland. We serve our clients across a broad range of topics covering Strategy, M&A, Commercial Excellence, Operations, and Organization.
  6. MESH Interactive Agency

    Educational services, Health care and social assistance, Information, Manufacturing, Other services, Professional, scientific and technical services, Utilities
    At our core, MESH delivers the smartest integrated digital marketing, interactive creative, and content marketing possible. We were built to deliver amazing results, and we continue to do so today. We helped our first technology client achieve a staggering 7X growth in only 18 months—and we’d like to help you accomplish something similar. Learn more about how our digital marketing agency has helped a company just like yours.
  7. Px8

    Arts entertainment and recreation
    We are a commited digital design studio with strong visual design and intuitive experience solutions. Our goal is to adapt people and business to the digital space.
  8. IDAP

    Information, Professional, scientific and technical services
    IDAP is a full-cycle software development company with more than 5 years of experience. Founded in 2012 & headquartered in Kyiv (Ukraine), our company specializes in providing customers with the most premium mobile and web-based solutions that custom software companies can offer. Our main goal is to deliver remarkable mobile and web applications which will satisfy and keep users craving for more. We have deep technical expertise in iOS, Android, and Web development.
  9. Lojistic, LLC

    Accommodation and food services, Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services, Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, Arts entertainment and recreation, Construction, Educational services, Finance and insurance, Health care and social assistance, Information, Management of companies and enterprises, Manufacturing, Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction, Other services, Professional, scientific and technical services, Public administration, Real estate and rental and leasing, Retail trade, Transportation and warehousing, Utilities, Wholesale trade
    We're a privately owned supply chain consultancy offering cost reduction services and technology within the transportation and logistics industry. We have been helping companies with high shipping volumes to reduce transportation costs, streamline the logistics process and improve supply chain inefficiencies. Our team of highly experienced former carrier employees and innovative technologies deliver maximum small parcel and freight cost savings for clients all over the country.

    Professional, scientific and technical services
    ALTARIS is supporting its customers in improving their purchasing organization, processes and competencies We have developed a particular expertise in the implementation of e- purchasing solutions
  11. Hotsnow

    Professional, scientific and technical services
    Our company prides itself on being forward-thinking and creative. We specialise in creating a strong creative design for environmentally conscious companies throughout the world.
  12. Accenture

    Strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. With expertise across +40 industries and all business functions, we deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world.

How Much Do Management Consultants Charge?

Each management consultant has a different approach to their pay structure. According to a 2017 study on management consulting fees, the majority of professionals are paid per project, while some consultants prefer an hourly rate or monthly retainer. This will largely depend on the size of the project. Some management consulting firms may be more lenient than others on their fees.

When management consultants are paid per project, the cost is typically negotiated between the firm and the client. Again, this will depend on the size of the job. The same study looked at some of the paid-per-project costs and found that the majority were between $500-10,000. However, extremely large or complex projects can cost over $100,000!

How To Choose The Best Management Consulting Company

There’s a number of ways to evaluate a top management consulting firm. The key areas to look at are past and relevant consulting experience, reputation, approach, cost and availability.


Some consultants specialize in a specific industry or type of business. Try finding a specialty firm that has experience working with organizations similar to your own. They’ll be more attuned to the unique, industry-specific challenges that you’re company faces.


The best management consulting firms will have an overwhelmingly positive reputation. You can find out about their reputation by visiting their website and looking at social media accounts. There will likely be examples of past projects and testimonials from previous clients.


Different consultants approach jobs differently. You want to pick a firm that has an approach or philosophy that you’re comfortable with. You may be working with this person or organization for awhile!


The best firms are going to charge more for their services. Make sure that you understand how the project will be paid and that you’re comfortable with the costs.


Some management consultants juggle multiple projects at once. That said, if your job is particularly large and complex, you may want to find a consultant with more availability. You may even need them to visit your company in person.

What To Expect When Working With A Management Consulting Firm

Once you hire a management consulting firm, there’s going to be a lot of steps to expect. While each consultant has his or her own approach, the general course of action follows these 5 steps:

  1. Meet and greet: The consultant and client will meet and get to know one another. This may take place over the phone, through a video chatting service or in person. The consultant will get to understand your company and its unique challenges.
  2. Exchange necessary materials: Once the consultant has a grasp on the problems facing your organization, they’ll begin looking for solutions. They’ll likely ask you for access to company data, so they can begin analyzing those figures.
  3. More communication: As the consulting firm digs through your data and other documents to develop their strategic plan, they’ll likely have follow up questions or need more resources. They may even need to visit your company in person again.
  4. Finalizing a deliverable: When a consultant is done analyzing all the data and has a solution to the problem at hand, they’ll create some form of deliverable. These materials will showcase the problem and the consultant’s suggested solution in an easy-to-digest format.
  5. Implementation: All that’s left to do is implement the strategic changes that the firm suggests and wait for the results.

Are There Different Types Of Management Consulting?

Management consulting is a fairly broad term. Anyone that provides advice to upper-level management could be considered a consultant. For this reason, there are a number of different types of management consulting. It’s also worth mentioning that some consultants are known for working in niche industries.

Here are the top management consulting types:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Operations Consulting
  • Financial Advisory Consulting
  • HR Consulting
  • Risk And Compliance Consulting

What Certifications Are Valuable To Management Consulting?

As you talk to different management consultants, you may decide to ask about their certifications. After all, you want to be sure that you’re hiring a professional and experienced individual or firm to help your company. There are a few certifications to look for, which can demonstrate an extremely qualified candidate.

Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

This is one of the most prominent certifications that directly applies to management consulting. A CMC has taken an extra step in their career by obtaining this title.

Project Management Certification

Project management experience is a desirable trait for a consultant. It demonstrates that they have experience as a successful manager. Thus, they know the challenges that their clients are facing. Achieving a Project Management Professional certificate requires that a consultant has a relevant degree and at least five years of experience as a project manager.

IT Certification

Because consultants are sending, receiving and accessing your company data, it is wise to look for consultants with some form of an IT certification. This demonstrates that they understand the ins and outs of data security.

What Is The Difference Between Management Consulting And Strategy Consulting?

Management and strategy consulting are terms often used interchangeably. However, they are notably different from one another. Strategy consulting is a form of management consulting that focuses specifically on what to do and why, whereas management consulting also deals with how a solution will be implemented, when and by whom.