Best Public Relations Agencies by 2019 Ratings

  1. SeventyThree Marketing

    Professional, scientific and technical services
    We are a boutique Marketing Communications agency based in Helsinki. We cater for SME's and offer a personal, collaborative approach to solving your Marketing challenges.
  2. TriNet

    Arts entertainment and recreation, Educational services, Finance and insurance, Health care and social assistance, Management of companies and enterprises, Professional, scientific and technical services, Manufacturing, Information, Real estate and rental and leasing, Retail trade, Transportation and warehousing, Wholesale trade, Other services
    TriNet provides HR solutions to small to mid-sized businesses so you can focus on what your company does best. Our bundled HR products, TriNet Cloud applications and strategic services simplify your HR. Tailored by industry, TriNet's bundled HR products cover the core services of payroll, benefits, risk & compliance, an HR team and a cloud platform. TriNet partners with more than 14,000 clients (as of 11/2/17) in a variety of industries. We manage more than $34 billion in payroll and payroll tax
  3. GVATE

    Other services, Construction, Finance and insurance, Health care and social assistance, Management of companies and enterprises, Professional, scientific and technical services, Transportation and warehousing, Real estate and rental and leasing, Information
    We offer an award winning data driven SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, Web Design and Web Development Service. We help businesses of all sizes maximize their online brand awareness though the use of our enterprise level software and our data driven marketing research. If you are looking to stay ahead of the pack in your industry in this ever changing age of internet, then let's talk today!
  4. SSSION Sdn Bhd

    Educational services, Finance and insurance
    We educate people the important of I ( Investor ) in the Cashflow Quadrant (ESBI) by Robert Kiyosaki. We do wealth management and also provide training in STOCK trading and FOREX trading. Our team developed the world latest semi-auto trading program designed to give you the superior results of professional, full-time trading using just the minimum effort and time of amateur part-time trading.
  5. Firecracker PR

    Professional, scientific and technical services
    Firecracker PR is a boutique agency that has a unique process called "Ignites" which blends public relations, social media and content marketing to achieve extraordinary results.
  6. Orchan Consulting Asia Sdn Bhd

    Arts entertainment and recreation, Educational services, Management of companies and enterprises, Finance and insurance, Health care and social assistance, Information, Professional, scientific and technical services, Public administration, Retail trade
    Every agency tells stories --> we live them! The power of the story is that brands are narrative-driven – and narratives create close bonds between brand and consumers. Consumers are now more sophisticated (than ever!) and have higher demands and expectations. They connect with brands that respect and value their custom. They seek authenticity. They seek validation. They seek the total experience – our role is to live the brand story; not just tell it. Orchan creates that validation.
  7. HubSpot

    HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales. It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. Its products and services aim to provide tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization.
  8. LegalShield, Inc.

    Other services
    Provides affordable legal services, and identity theft protection $39.90 a month family plan $27.90 a moth individual plan $59.00 a moth business plans (starting out at 10 or less employee's) Services are available as voluntary employee benefits
  9. Rebrand Advertising + Design Inc

    Other services, Real estate and rental and leasing, Accommodation and food services, Arts entertainment and recreation, Construction, Finance and insurance, Educational services, Information, Manufacturing, Retail trade
    Rebrand is a Toronto based creative firm focused on building world class brands through: strategy, design, storytelling, digital, packaging, video and branded environments. We have the capacity to service clients globaly thanks to a network of highly talented resources. Our location allows us to build relationships with clients, whether they are across town, or across the globe.
  10. MOB Advocacy

    Public administration, Professional, scientific and technical services
    MOB Advocacy is a full-service, nationally-scoped, state and local government relations firm based in Washington, DC. We design and implement legislative, regulatory and procurement solutions tailored to meet any organization's unique needs and specific goals. MOB Advocacy's clients range from established corporations, tech start-ups, nationally recognized non-profits and advocacy groups. Our clients chose MOB Advocacy because we offer the full range of solutions of a large government relations
  11. Crown Commercial Service

    Public administration
    The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) brings together policy, advice and direct buying; providing commercial services to the public sector and saving money for the taxpayer.
  12. GoBabl

    Other services
    Welcome to Gobabl, the worlds most robust and low-cost, location-based Social Media Data, Insights and Engagement Platform. Our Mission is to help businesses meet their marketing and engagement goals by providing a robust, simple and inexpensive tool to monitor and interact with their audience. We at GoBabl help Marketers, Real Estate Developers, Journalists, Business Developers, and so many other professionals, to be better social listeners. We're changing how organizations generate leads.

How Much Do Public Relations Companies Charge?

Costs for PR services range. The top PR firms that work exclusively with high-value companies can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars. On average, having a PR professional on retainer can cost between $2,000 to $20,000 a month. This fee will vary based on the size and experience of the PR company, as well as how often their services are required.

Some agencies will charge an hourly rate, instead of this monthly retainer. In rarer cases, a PR professional may charge based on results. For example, they assess their costs based on how many new customers they’ve managed to acquire through their tactics, or how many media mentions they receive.

Also, many companies will charge a “setup” fee for new clients.

How To Choose The Best PR Representative

There are a lot of PR firms and professionals willing to offer their services. Finding the right one can be challenging for a business. However, there are some qualities to look for before making a final decision.


Not only should a PR firm be communicative to you, the client, but they also need excellent communication skills for interacting with the public.


The public relations industry is a creative one. Finding the right spin on a story or developing new, effective strategies to stimulate company image and expand the reach of your business requires a lot of creative thinking.


You need to find a PR firm with a pay structure that is appropriate for your company’s budget.


The best PR companies have a well-established network of connections, which they can use to help get your company’s story out to the masses. This is an invaluable tool when selecting the right firm to work with.


One of the key functions of PR is crisis management. You never know when negative press will occur and your public relations professional needs to always be ready to tackle a crisis and quickly resolve it.

What To Expect When Working With A PR Firm

The first step that will happen when you begin working with a PR firm is goal setting. They will ask what your goals and objectives are for your company’s image and reputation. Next, you may expect to be provided with some creative tactics and ideas for achieving those goals.

Ultimately, you can expect that both your company’s reach and reputation will positively grow. If you have a top PR firm working on behalf of your business, you’ll be building stronger relationships with customers, both old and new, which will increase revenue.

Are There Different Types of Public Relations Services?

Public relations is a relatively broad industry that encompasses a number of different types of PR services. These include:

  • Media Relations: Interviews, press conferences, press releases are all media relations tactics.
  • Community Relations: This involves creating events and developing trust within your local community.
  • Corporate And Social Responsibility: These PR professionals focus on fostering a company persona and reputation as an ethical, environmentally responsible and charitable organization.
  • Crisis Management: When bad press hits, crisis management involves resolving that disaster and fixing the negative impacts that is has on company reputation and image.
  • Internal PR: You need to always have a good relationship with your internal audiences, as in your employees. These tactics involve organizing events for employees and handling internal disputes.

How Is PR Performance Measured?

It can be hard to measure performance and know if your public relations expert is actually being successful at managing the public opinion regarding your business. You’ve spent a lot of money hiring a PR firm and you want to be certain that they are achieving your public relations goals.

Here are some metrics to consider looking at:

  • Reach: How many people your media and PR messages are reaching
  • Impressions: How many people are actually viewing those messages and PR efforts
  • Mentions: The frequency that your brand/business/product is mentioned by others
  • Engagement: How many likes, shares, comments, etc. your PR messages receive