Benjamin Davis @ BluePayFeb 27, 2018, 5:16:36 PM
What You May Not Know About QuickBooksQuickbooks Intuit is a great tool to run a small business. Many of my merchants love the accounting and the extra tools it allows them to run a business. I was thinking that since we do work daily directly with many many accounting firms and merchants directly that use Quickbooks that although I don't know of any better Accounting software on the market, there is one area that I do need to bring to your attention. When opening a merchant account with Quickbooks directly their processing fees and rates I would say are the highest in the industry - They look to provide you with a tiered rates of 1.60% and 3.80%+. Most business owners will find if they look that 90% of their transactions get processed at the highest rate. Although almost a hidden secret as Quickbooks tries super hard to get you to open a merchant account though them (and if you were them you would want that too as you will see) that there are several "Authorized" software Plug-in (think of it as similar to as a Chrome or Firefox add-on) that is simple to install and it t allows you to utilize ANY processor from within QuickBooks. We have many many merchants who save $2,500 to $3,000 monthly in processing fees simply by making a processor switch and still processing payments from inside Quickbooks and still taking advantage of all of the QB bells and whistles. Think about it, I see business owners who buy a version of Quickbooks for $159 to $395 and then run their business and Quickbooks is making THOUSANDS from them on their processing fees EVERY MONTH! month after month, year after year. This is not a joke, scam or BS, this is FACT! If you would like to know more, I am happy to provide details or even review your QB merchant statement with you and show you. The more money I can save a business owner, the more money they can invest in Sales and Marketing, Technology or SEO... or even pay done debt! I welcome your email [email protected] text or phone call 312-506-3787 or connect with me here. Take a look at our website
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