Top Computer Software Companies in Alabama by 2019 Ratings

  1. Aq2 Technologies LLC

    Any company that accepts checks as a form of payment can reduce labor and expenses with AQ2 Remittance.Pilot combines with your scanner to dramatically speed up your operation.It scans the check and extracts desired infomation, balances debits and credits and builds information into a transaction for posting.The payments can be posted to any accounting system you use!Faster + Balanced + Greater Accuracy = Pilot Remittance.
  2. Bytescribe Development Co

    Bytescribe's online transcription dictation software platform, allows transcriptionists to effortlessly manage their workflow so receiving dictation files to transcribe and delivering completed work is fast and easy. Dictators can dictate from any phone to the provided toll-free number, use a handheld recorder or our iShuttle Dictate iPhone/iPod/iPad app. WebShuttle is designed to manage all aspects of transcription workflow for organizations of any size.
  3. Gemini Software Tech

    GEM-ARK is the most Comprehensive Ship Agency Solution developed by domainexperts to manage your Ship Agency - Operations and related Accounts Management (Disbursement Account processing). Modules and process flow developed comprise of industry best practice for ship agents. Application has inbuilt automatic system alerts, email alerts, workflow, document and cargo data archival features.
  4. Bigsis

    BigSIS is a cloud-based, highly customizable Student Information System, providing solutions to private schools across the Unites States and Canada. BigSIS is comprised of modules that manage everything from Admissions, Gradebook, Narrative Assessments, Donations, Volunteers, Aftercare Participants, Attendance, Enrollments, and more! The best part is you get to control which modules you pay for and many of them are included for free for all our software packages!
  5. CahabaCreek Software

    CahabaWorks Church Management Software offers professional integrated management of Members, Small Groups, Contributions, Fund Accounting Financials, Payroll, Check-In and Online Giving for the faith-based community.We are passionate about providing products that are affordable, easy to use and minimize the time spent on administrative tasks.This enables our customers to focus on serving their community.We actively solicit feedback on our products with a focus on continuous improvement.
  6. Turningpoint Systems Incorporated

    Real-time warehouse management and inventory control system designed to meet the needs of the wholesale distributor.
  7. Golf Masters Software

    Golf management software for golf clubs and courses, that includes pro shop activity monitoring, membership and tee times tracking.
  8. Performance Support Inc

    Survey software that can be used for 360 degree feedback, organization surveys, customer feedback and training evaluation.
  9. Thunder Industrial Supply

    Ad creation and ad serving platform for advertising agencies, publishers, and marketing teams.
  10. Acclaim Software

    Complete bookkeeping and accounting solution for small businesses.
  11. Mcleod Software Co

    Fully integrated dispatch and accounting fleet management software system.
  12. Advantage Software International, LLC.

    Includes robust workflow, media and accounting/financial applications.