Top Computer Software Companies in Florida by 2019 Ratings

  1. Scopeworker

    Scopeworker’s marketplace platform digitizes service supply chains for enterprise. Web and mobile app templates automate procurement, finance and productivity. Removing humans touchpoints across silos reduces procurement spend by 30+%. Engaging the workforce as an IoT end node increases workforce productivity by 30+%. Stakeholders have end-to-end transparency and manage by exception with live procurement, finance and productivity analytics.
  2. Claritum

    Claritum's cloud based spend management platform helps companies gain visibility and control of their tail spend. Automate sourcing, supplier management, catalogue, procurement and invoicing.
  3. Descartes Systems Group

    Descartes (Nasdaq:DSGX) (TSX:DSG) is the global leader in providing on-demand, software-as-a-service solutions focused on improving the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses. Customers use our modular, software-as-a-service solutions to route, schedule, track and measure delivery resources; plan, allocate and execute shipments; rate, audit and pay transportation invoices; access global trade data; file customs and security documents for imports and exports; and complete numerous other logistics processes by participating in the world's largest, collaborative multimodal logistics community. Our headquarters are in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and we have offices and partners around the world.
  4. Take 5Media Group

    At the core of Take 5 Media Groups’ experience is an effective, omni-channel platform for programmatic media buying powered by an intelligence-driven data wheelhouse that combines consumer online and offline behavioral attributes for maximum advertising impact and behavioral data mining. As a preeminent data base aggregator, Take 5 Media Group is a proven leader with a data base of over 200 million double opted in deterministic users that are owned and sourced by Take 5. 917-201-7463
  5. WebPuzzleMaster

    We have been in the web design and development and internet marketing field since 2001 with extensive experience in producing turnkey projects for local business designed to grow a strong brand, generate leads and customers, and produce sustainable business growth.
  6. Onstream Media

    Onstream’s webcasting, webinars, and audio and web conferencing provide a cost-effective way to foster interaction between company management, investors, clients, board members, the press and inter...
  7. Computer Services Tech

    Our IT solutions offer refurbished computers, computer repairs, cell phone repairs, tablet repairs, inventories, software products, remote support, onsite house call & quick turnaround service. We opened its doors on Nov. 2016 in South Florida to service Desktops, Laptops, MACs with Office 365 & Full Internet Security. We are in business to help residential & business customers who are interested in purchasing cheaper used computers with software installation & provide ongoing technical support.
  8. HRsoft

    HRsoft is the industry leader for compensation planning and total rewards software.  Our cloud based SaaS solutions combine best of breed features with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that simplifies and automates the entire compensation process helping companies save time and their best employees.
  9. CloudTask

    Help desk software with scheduled tasks, checkpoints, support desk, time keeping, customer policies, and a password vault.
  10. Specific-Group Software Solutions

    Specific-Group is your partner in custom software and dedicated development.Our mission is to make your organization more efficient and profitable through development resources.Solutions are reliable, secure, and made with you in mind.
  11. Quicksoft Inc

    QuickSoft specializes in finding innovative solutions to meet your unique business challenges. From platform integration to mobile app design to customized business applications,QuickSoft will develop your solution in the most efficient manner possible. Our dedicated team of engineers will vet your project for viability, ask poignant questions, and present multiple solutions based on our deep understanding of your project.
  12. Selas Technologies

    As a Salesforce Consultant, we help build, manage and expand any of your needs on Salesforce. If you are new to the Salesforce community, we are happy to guide you. We have a practice management software called, NuLaw. It is a true all-in-one solution for law firms. We also offer a debt management application called, NuDebt. Everything that we have built is all Salesforce, the world's most secure cloud platform and has been named the most innovative company 5 years running.