Top Computer Software Companies in Maryland by 2019 Ratings

  1. Luxand Inc.

    The company develops and markets a complete set of tools, libraries and solutions to perform fully automatic recognition of human faces and facial features. Today, the company provides a broad range of facial feature recognition solutions to end-users and industrial customers. Luxand technologies are used at online entertainment portals, chat rooms and movie Web sites around the globe.
  2. Powerweave

  3. Highgrounds

    HighGrounds real-time performance management and recognition platform facilitates continuous feedback loops and aligns people to a shared purpose to maximize the potential of teams and bring out the best work. The consumer-like solution gives employees and managers a better way to navigate increasingly fluid workplace dynamics and boost productivity through agile goals, continuous check-in conversations, peer feedback, recognition and pulse surveys.
  4. Kott Software

    Kott Software is a part of Kott Group of Companies, and is a fast growing technology firm with more than 100 clients, support offices in 4 countries and customers in 10 countries spread across 4 continents. We deliver amazing results, creating and building the next generation business solutions whether for the cloud or mobile.
  5. Trimantra Software Solution LLC

    Trimantra Software Solution is the best IT Software outsourcing company.Trimantra is a MICROSOFT SILVER PARTNER.We are IT consultant and develop customized business software applications using top notch technologies.our Vision is "To become a benchmark software solution provider in IT industry based on ethics, relationship and expertise".
  6. Hana Software Incorporated

    Web based Florist POS and florist web sites designed specifically for florists.Wire service integration, optimized routes, House Accounts, Customer Portal, Address & business look up, proposals module, mobile app with digital signatures, email marketing and feed back module.Complete digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing , along with our state of the art technologyis designed to position florist for success. Basic POS plan with florist website is FREE.
  7. Dynamic Digital Design

    Replace PDFs on your website with fully interactive, animated and dynamic publications your visitors will love - book or flip book document management system provides a dashboard for managing your organisations content.We provide the capability to create dynamic content on demand based on decisioning . Ideal for large organisation who operate a decentralised publishing system such as Universities.
  8. MEDSYS2

    MEDSYS2 is a complete home care system designed to handle all aspects required to run your agency.Beginning with the personnel system it stores all the required documents related to your employees.The system has a comprehensive nursing evaluation and daily notes.It generates a Non Medical Care Plan, Non Medical Visit Note, CMS485,Medication Profile, MAR, OASIS,Supervisory Review.It provides for repetitive scheduling, e-Claims, integrated Credit Card processing for private pay clients
  9. Polygon Software

    PolyPM combines Product Lifecycle Management(PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) into a single solution.Every operator in your company will work with one data warehouse, whether that person is in design or the shop floor. PolyPM is customized to your specific operational requirements, increasing efficiency and streamlining the manufacturing process from end-to-end.Our technology is deployable on-premise or in cloud..Polygon Software was established in 1986.
  10. triCerat

    A universal printer driver software platform that works for all printers, including those in a remote environment. Our developers created a unique print protocol that speeds remote printing and improves server performance by minimizing print spooler crashes.No more crashes. No more calls.With a simple plug 'n' play solution, you can install and forget that printer problems ever existed.
  11. Corvus Engineering LLC

    An affordable, easy-to-use, web-based gradebook and school management system offering a wide array of features for individual teachers, schools and districts.Features include student, class, and grade management, attendance and behavior tracking, custom report generation, and extensive student and parent communication features. Individual web portal accounts for students and parents are included with certain subscriptions at no additional cost.
  12. Include Software

    Excel for estimates, Word for proposals, QuickBooks for accounting, a whiteboard for scheduling. You managed to make it all work when your business was small; but now youve grown to the point where you are copying and pasting information and its costing you time and money.Theres a better way: Asset.Add iCREWtek, Include's mobile app & you will get real-time data connection for ultimate command & control of your work force.