Top Computer Software Companies in Nebraska by 2019 Ratings

  1. Priority Data

    PDSpectrum is a robust modern policy processing system for P&C Insurance Companies, MGAs, and Program Administrators. PDSpectrum includes: administration, accounting, billing, claims, rating, underwriting, document management, and agent inquiry & quoting. It provides full data connections and integrations to major risk assessment partners. PDSpectrum is hosted, supported and maintained by Priority Data and accessed by company staff, agents and their partners via a secure web-browser connection.
  2. Xpanxion

    Xpanxion provides custom software services to enterprise clients in a variety of industries worldwide. Its unique Cross Sourcing model – combining onshore and offshore talent in Agile development teams – allows Xpanxion to leverage the scalability and cost-effectiveness of offshore resources while meeting the quality and communication standards expected by its clients.
  3. Fire Station Software LLC

    If your department is ready to migrate to a computerized record keeping system, Fire Station is an affordable and powerful option.Fire Station provides an efficient way to keep your department's information organized and at your fingertips.Optional modules include: Apparatus Checks, Expiration Date Tracking, Hoses, Hydrants, Incident Reporting, Inventory, Training, SCBAs, Ladders, and Pre Planning and Fire Inspections.
  4. Doty Software

    Veterinary practice management software; invoice, record and client management.Only system to ever receive a "BUY" recommendation from Veterinary Computing Magazine.
  5. Orion Healthcare Technology

    AccuCare allows clinicians in substance abuse treatment and behavioral health to quickly and easily enter client information and track outcomes. The web-based system allows the database to be accessed from any computer with internet access, giving clinicians a centralized and integrated workflow.
  6. Summitsoft

    Graphic design software that enables users to create flyers, backdrops, t-shirts, billboards, tickets, and banners.
  7. Software For Ministry

    A full-featured, mature, and ministry-relevant church data base system to track and easily use your important data.
  8. Ebytz LLC

  9. Custom Online Solutions

  10. Isi Technologies

  11. Mac Practice Inc

  12. Software 4 Retail Solutions