Top Computer Software Companies in New Mexico by 2019 Ratings

  1. Raw Media Group LLC

    3sixtylite is an online platform offering a fully scalable solution to provide 360,180 and 90 degree appraisals/feedback using an intuitive interface continually developed over a period of 10+years. With full multi-language support from Arabic to Russian, Mandarin to French 3sixtylite delivers a flexible tool that can be customised and moulded to any organisation regardless of the size or complexity.We have pricing and accept payments in GBP, EUR and USD
  2. Platypus Software

    Service Billing and Job Management software encompassing Diary Appointment, To-Dos, Payment Plans, Customer & Job Control, SMS, Email and Fax.
  3. Trusted Software LLC

    We are a small team of highly experienced software engineers who worked together on many projects for many world famous companies like Accenture, Harman International, Nokia, Samsung and others.
  4. Luna Software Application

    PASEO Transporter is comprehensive niche customizable software for management of ground transportation, tour operators as well as car rental agencies.Destination Management Companies (DMCs) can also utilize PASEO for management of activity bookings and transportation dispatching, with accounting fully integrated.
  5. Wright Williams & Kelly Inc

    A cost effective product configurator for sales force productivity improvement.
  6. Ultramain Systems Inc

    Integrated maintenance and engineering software for maintenance and logistics operations.
  7. Sunrise Software Conslnts Inc

    Enables you to take full control of your IT operations and offer exceptional customer service.
  8. Aquila Technologies Group Inc

    Easy, affordable accounting and payroll solution for small and medium size businesses.
  9. Dig-Smart, LLC

  10. ProtoHIT, Inc

  11. Argot Software

  12. Integrated Computer Tech