All the features your business needs to start socializing

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Use your feed to consume, share and engage with information.

Leverage the targeting feature to post public information to a broad audience or to provide personalized content to existing relationships or a targeted company where you seek to reach unidentified individuals.


Organize your existing relationships into clients, vendors, prospects, business partners, workmates and custom groups.

Discover new companies, their people and essential information around their business in one single place.


Create private group chats with colleagues and external members and share pdf documents, videos, and content for discussion.

Initiate or participate to anonymous one-on-one chats. And yet, know which company you are interacting with.


Analyze the composition of your network, the attractiveness of your content and your level of engagement with real time data.

Get a quick glance of results or analyze them by segments, over time and versus peers. And act directly from the data you see.

Have complete control of the way you do business

Whomever you want

Create your own network and decide who to invite and who to connect with.

Use individual or mass invitations to organize your relationships or connect directly with new people inside the platform.

Whenever you want

Access your network when it best suits you and configure your notifications so you don’t miss anything important.

Choose to receive emails for new matches, chat invitations and more.

Wherever you want

Access your business data from any laptop or desktop computer and seamlessly engage in your daily operation.

(Coming soon) Load the app to any mobile device and stay up to date on the go.

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