How to Discover New Business for Your Company in 2019

Let’s be honest: advertising often costs too much as a small B2B business and you can’t really depend alone on customers finding you organically. That leaves you with the often manual process of targeted outbound sales. However, simply surfing the Web or swiping your mobile device to find new business prospects is hard!

From the endless Google searches to the amount of research you need to put in, sometimes the process just seems to go in circles, not getting you to where you need to be. That’s without even counting how long the sales cycle will likely be if and when you actually find a good prospective customer.

Finding the right businesses to work with is extremely important for company success and growth. New business is what helps companies survive, thrive and grow, so spending time focusing on prospecting is what will take a business to new heights.

Searching for New Business Prospects is an Uphill Battle

From our 2018 SMB Sales and Growth Confidence Survey, we know that businesses — no matter how small — turn to the internet for generating business leads today, whether it be through online advertising or online networking. Of course, we also know they turn to search for prospecting. However, this can give you so many results that you don’t know where to start.

For example, if we search for “technology firms Boston,” 59,500,000 results immediately are found. Are all of those results good prospects? No. Are all of those results even applicable? Probably not.

Now, say we went even more specific to “$5M technology firms Boston.” This helps drastically reduce the number of results to 108,000, but that’s still way too many to actually sift through efficiently. Plus, those results aren’t just single businesses. Instead, many of the results are lists of companies matching the search query, which means it’ll take a very long time to get through the results and build a targeted prospect list.

Google AdWords is great for companies looking to advertise their businesses on Google, but that really doesn’t help when you’re on the other end searching for new business. With more than 1.5 million businesses using the tool, ads are definitely bound to affect your search results.

Yelp and LinkedIn provide a bit more help in this area, as your searches only come up with businesses, rather than lists of companies. However, Yelp’s list is mostly comprised of businesses that service consumers, and LinkedIn has become more of a personal branding tool rather than a business discovery asset.

Need to Go Beyond Discovering to Qualifying

Say you’ve sifted through the millions of hits that you found through your Google search. What now? Now it’s time to actually qualify the businesses and determine how good of a fit they truly are for your business needs.

You can start by checking out Google reviews, but it’s so important to take into consideration other business recommendations. Learning what customers think about the company is critical to get a better grasp on if the company is going to survive long term, but what do vendors think of the company? Is the management easy to deal with? Do they deliver prompt payments? Google, Yelp, and LinkedIn do not offer the insights needed to make a truly informed decision on whether a business is right to do business with.

Qualifying a business is an often overlooked aspect of new business development and it needs to be handled efficiently.

Taking A New Approach

All of the issues and questions on effectively finding new leads is why Koble came into formation. Koble is a B2B business discovery platform which is changing the way companies uncover business opportunities and connect.

Koble has a deep database on businesses across verticals, where other businesses can provide recommendations and reviews. Not only can you discover businesses easily on the platform, but you can also start the conversations in real-time to ensure leads actually convert to successful business relationships.

The Koble platform helps small to medium-sized business get discovered and find business partners with highly trafficked and resourceful business pages. In fact, there is already business from over 40 countries with business pages on Koble.

Use Koble to its fullest potential by downloading the application on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or discover new business for your company at

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