How to Increase Employee Engagement on Social Media

Although they’re often overlooked, your employees are a huge marketing asset for your brand. By reinforcing your company’s messages on their social media profiles, they can exponentially expand your brand’s reach and influence.

In order to have an impact, companies should create an environment that encourages and inspires sharing. Here are a few tips to get started:


1. Provide social media training

In today’s digital world, your employees are likely aware of the serious damage a single tweet can do. Because they’re afraid of accidentally harming the brand, some employees may avoid mentioning your company altogether. On the flip side, if they do choose to mention your brand on their social channels but aren’t provided with guidelines, they could do some serious harm to your company’s reputation.

To encourage social sharing but avoid missteps, make sure your employees are aware of what kind of content is encouraged and what kind is discouraged. For example, if you decide to ban content that features a competitor or a client, clearly communicate this with your employees. In the same way, if you’d like your employees to share company blog posts, make sure they know.


2. Give employees content to share

Your employees don’t have tons of time to dedicate to brand advocacy. After all, they have jobs to do. By minimizing the steps it takes to share company content, you can increase participation rates. To make it easy for employees to participate in social sharing, provide them with content to share. Regularly email pre-drafted messages and links to published content. To go a step further, you can use software like Koble, which breaks this sharing process down into a few clicks.


3. Communicate the professional benefits

To inspire your employees to share company content, be sure to explain why their participation can benefit them professionally. For instance, by sharing company content, it can increase their exposure to prospects, help them capture more leads and boost sales.


4. Track your results

Measuring employee engagement is essential for success. Track employee sharing to see what effect it’s having on your KPIs. With close tracking, you’ll be able to see what’s working and what isn’t, giving you valuable insight for improving your strategy.


Employee Engagement on Koble

Koble makes content sharing easy. On our businesses-only network, users can easily cut through the noise and reach relevant audiences. To make sharing effortless, the Koble team creates draft posts with interesting company content for employees to share in just two clicks. With the Koble Enterprise Plan, the admin has the ability to determine which employees can publish posts directly and which employees must have their posts approved beforehand, helping to ensure your company messaging is strong. The Enterprise Plan also has an aggregated analytics dashboard where you can track and compare your employees’ social engagement.

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