The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Engagement.

Our platform, like social media platforms allows Marketers and Salespeople to post content related to their business. However, the real trick is to get your target audience to actually respond and engage with what you post. If you’re not getting any engagement, here’s some tips to help.


Think “outside-in”.

The key is to think about the type of content that your audience will like, rather than writing about what you offer.

When you think about who is your likely audience and tailor your content toward those people, the scope of what you can post becomes a lot wider. This can also help extremely well when you are running an Account-Based Marketing campaign.

Make your posts about your audience, not your business. That way, even if you’re in what can be seen as a “boring” industry, you can still post engaging content and continue to build and connect with your audience.


Don’t just Post – Engage

Instead of just broadcasting your message and moving on, actively engage with your audience. Koble is all about conversing and being able to have real-time conversations with our messaging app. Don’t be afraid to talk to your audience (whether they’re angry or happy) and build a stronger relationship.

Most people don’t like dealing with faceless corporations. Use your content as a way to humanize your company. When you become less of a faceless entity you’ll find that more people will want to enter into communications with you. As a seller on Koble, your name can be visible to potential buyers, use this to your advantage and become the name and face of your company.


Answer any queries as quickly as you can.

Have you seen one of these?

This is an icon that Facebook gives to businesses that respond within 15 minutes and with a 90% response rate. Whilst we’re not Facebook and we don’t award icons, we will soon add message response times on Koble.

But in essence, it’s a matter of politeness for you to respond to any questions as soon as possible. That one anonymous engagement from company “x” could grow into a multi-million dollar deal for you.

As an example: if you went into a store and wanted to ask a staff member a question, you’d probably be pretty upset if there was no one to talk to. You also wouldn’t be much happier if you asked a question and by the time it didn’t matter anymore, someone responded to you. So timely responses are important. To make it easier for you, our settings allow you to be notified to any IM’s via email and/or in-app via push notifications. So you’ll be notified if someone is either engaging with your post or sending a message requesting more information.


Make Sure Your Company Details Are Up to Date.

Engagement can take many forms on Koble. It can be a like, a share, a message or it can even be research about your company from a potential buyer. So it is important that your full details are up to date and accurate.

For our US-based companies, we’ve incorporated The Business Stability score, which is based on Experian’s Financial Stability Risk Score. The model predicts the likelihood of business to go out of business within next 12 months. This is a good indicator of the health of the business. For this to be accurate for your company, your details need to be accurate.

The average length of the B2B buying process is 8 weeks. In that time your potential buyer is weighing your company up against 5 other potential suppliers. If your data isn’t correct, then that potential buyer can’t make an informed choice and will drop you in favour of a company they have more information about.

Quality over Quantity

We’ll take a bet and guess that you’ve heard the term “Content is king”. It may be an often-repeated term, but the essence of it is true.

Tip number one in this blog recommends that you should think of your audience when posting content, but I’d also like to add that posting relevant, interesting content once a fortnight is much better than boring, bland content getting churned out daily.

A good Salesperson or Marketer will know that you should write something your customers will find meaningful, or don’t write at all. Quality content is about what your customers want to read, not what you want to tell them.

The goal of content is to provide value and connect with your customers, not to sell them your latest product. It’s not about telling them how great your company is, or how well your product is doing. If you focus on providing real value and position yourself as an expert, the chance to convert the audience you attract will come.

We hope that you’ll find these tips useful in your business journey both inside and outside of Koble, and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries.


Post by: Koble