Learnings from Koble: One Year On


Exactly a year ago on October 17th Koble was launched to help large and small businesses to meet, connect and communicate. As we progress on our mission we’ve learned a lot and there is no better time than our first anniversary to share with you 3 of our key findings.


  • Habits are hard to change

When we launched Koble our intention was to provide a channel of communication where buyers and sellers with common interests could share, socialize and chat around original content without the need to reveal their identity. Our data shows that while progress is being made, sharing original content without constraints or expressing outright business needs has yet to become a norm. The need for “e-mail address” remains strong and continues to limit opportunities for beneficial interaction. Exchanges are further inhibited by the fact that only a third of anonymous chats initiated get responded to.


  • Engagement pays off

Koble has also proven that the ones that engage the most get the most. Buyers and sellers alike have come back to us surprised by the speed at which there were able to find one another, meet and often get deals done. One of our members from Parker Dewey in an early exchange said the following “Fabrice, I wanted to also say that I am enjoying the platform. Though i’ve only been on it for a couple hours, I’ve already set a meeting and have engaged in a meaningful conversation with you!”. We can easily echo the message from Parker Dewey as our own platform has helped us find new suppliers to do business with locally and internationally.


  • Make yourself at home

When looking at those that get the most out of the platform, a number of traits transpire. They tend to be curious, expressive, connected and responsive. While these skills may be highly coveted inside companies’ walls they are clearly displayed in a social networking environment outside of work. This suggests that companies are not that far away from empowering their employees to become more engaged as long as such behaviors can be cultivated. We are learning from it and will soon introduce cues to help all our users become the model employee of the future.


These three findings suggest that applying the same highly engaging behaviors from home to work will get you far. What you have learnt on social media can directly be applied at work with the precautions one should apply when communicating about business. Getting help, making yourself and your company known, meeting new business prospects has never been easier.

Post by: Fabrice