LinkedIn + Microsoft

Today’s acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft marks a historical turn for the future of professional networking. The underpinning synergies of the deal suggest the inevitable merger of enterprise cloud software and business networking.

When we launched few months ago we wanted to offer an alternative to mainstream networking approaches. At its center a 100% corporate network with a feed of relevant company information allowing easy market monitoring, team collaboration, and buyer triggered communication. The objective: helping companies to find and be found.

As we prepare for our General Availability (GA) launch early fall we are placing a greater emphasis on reciprocity. Building your network on SpendLead will give you access to exclusive market information and unique targeted communication capabilities.

With today’s news I want to re-affirm our intention to provide you with an independent enterprise environment where you can make your business flourish. Whether you wish to expand your network today and set yourself ready for GA, or wish to wait for further details, we stand ready to help you make the most of networking in an enterprise context.


Fabrice Saporito
Founder and CEO
Koble Inc

Post by: Koble