Procurement Doesn’t Have To Be Disadvantaged When It Comes to Supplier Knowledge!

Why do procurement people always feel like they are on the back foot when it comes to the world of suppliers? Is that why they stick to the same ones year in, year out? Maybe it’s because wheedling out new or different suppliers, that are able to bring them the same if not enhanced value, from the bombardment of sales calls and emails, is just too lengthy and cumbersome a process.

Salespeople seem to have the edge on all things supplier-related, yet much of the information Sales departments send out still goes straight into the procurement recycling bin, both physical and digital. Most of it Procurement doesn’t want and certainly doesn’t need, and can’t spend days rifling through it to find that special one. Sales can’t afford to be discerning, and who can blame them. They know buyers don’t want to be hassled by cold callers or inappropriate leads, but they are desperate to get their messages out there — to you the Almighty Procurement Person — because if they don’t, someone else will!

If only you could sieve out the bin-heading rubbish from the leads that could have pride of place in your inbox. On Koble, the buyer can easily filter just those leads that are applicable, and has access to all the information they need on suppliers, their products and services, their competition, and the movements in the marketplace. They can predict, compare, and analyse just the information they want on just the suppliers they are interested in – they are now on the front foot and they can take the initiative.

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Post by: Koble