Customer Stories

“Koble helps us directly target leads and create brand awareness without spamming them. We can easily share quality information in order to initiate the sales process and achieve our target ROI.”

- Ivan Žgela -
Marketing & Business Development at Koncar
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“Content Marketing is for B2B what advertising is for B2C. Understanding what content marketing works and does not is paramount to generating demand and ensuring the effectiveness of our message. Koble helps us greatly in that matter.”

- Pierre Lapree -
Marketer at Per Angusta
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“Koble is an excellent platform for our content to reach the right audience. Beyond branding the platform allows us to effectively reach people without scaring them off with website forms, often causing us to miss out on opportunities.”

- Tomi Ere -
Partner at August
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“Undertaking a comprehensive market assessment used to be done two ways: i) expensive use of consultants ii) inefficient web searches. With Koble we are finding an efficient and zero cost option to find and assess vendors. And what more satisfying than being one of the first to embrace such innovation”

- Ville Vainio -
IT Director at Yliopiston Apteeki
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