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Koble is a social network for businesses that helps enterprise users connect and collaborate with their clients, vendors, prospects and business partners.

  • While social networks are for personal use, Koble is a matchmaking network for business enterprises and a business email address is required to join.
  • The content you create, the exchanges you have and the connections you make on Koble are owned by the company, not by the individual.
  • Unlike internal enterprise collaboration tools, Koble focuses on building your external business network.

You can use Koble for managing the entire lifecycle you have with external partners. For instance, on the sales side you might use Koble to land a new client, expand current relationships or nurture existing ones. On the buy side, you can discover new vendors, source products and services and manage ongoing relationships. Companies on Koble also use the network for cross-functional discussions with and without external partners, for community outreach on specific topics, or simply to stay up to date with their markets.

You need a valid corporate email address to start participating, growing or even establishing your company’s social network.

Like most social networks you will find very familiar tools like feed, chat, network and analytics. But unlike most social networks, these features have some very unique enterprise characteristics to make you better at what you do:

  • Targeting: your feed allows you to target specific groups and even named companies, provided you have at least one connection at these companies. You can now be very specific in your messaging without having to face the awkward request for introduction.
  • Chatting: browsing does not reveal your name and allows you to engage anonymously until you decide to reveal your identity.
  • Analytics: unlike CRM platforms, analytics seamlessly organize your leads by account and lets you engage in the most effective way. You can also use the analytics to compare your behavior/performance versus your peers.

You can start using Koble for free or upgrade to an Individual Pro account for $29,99-39,99 per user and month (yearly or monthly billing) allowing you to more actively engage with the network and integrate with your existing enterprise tools. You can also reach out to us shall you wish to create your own social network and we will price your yearly subscription according to your specific needs and the size of your active network.

Koble is a platform designed to integrate with other enterprise applications and maximize your existing investments. All subscription based packages can integrate with any tools you may be using: CRM, Sourcing, DAM, Enterprise Communication and many others.

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