Say Hello to Better Targeting on Koble

If there’s one thing that love and doing business have in common, it’s trying to find that perfect match. In your quest to find “the one,” you’ve probably made a wish-list of qualities that your perfect match possesses.

While you might be looking for attributes like “must love dogs” or “enjoys long walks on the beach” from a romantic partner, when it comes to doing business, your wish-list likely looks a bit different. In business, finding the perfect match means finding the people who make the decision about whether or not their company does business with yours.

There is a whole list of qualities – from certain demographics to industry types to matching interests – that indicates a particular group of people might be a company’s decision-makers, and therefore, a perfect match for your business.

But as it is with love, it’s never that easy to find a perfect match in business. You might think that you’re making a connection with someone who has the power to say yes or no to a contract, but instead, that person only refers you to another person (who refers you to another person).

Having access to all of those decision-makers at the same time, instead of having to sift your way through the gatekeepers, significantly increases the chances for getting the attention of someone who’s ready to make things official, and decreases the need for multiple introductions and pitches along the way.

Koble wants to help its users find their perfect match, and connect with those decision-makers, which is why it’s launched its newest feature: advanced targeting.

Our new advanced targeting feature is all about targeting logical groups of people to generate demand all the way to nurture a relationship – or in other words, find a person or group that is receptive and interested in your message and what you’re offering, and more likely to be a good fit for your business.

These logical groups are the people that make sense. Remember that wish-list you wrote with everything you wanted in a prospect? Well, Koble wants to deliver those ideal prospects to you with its new targeting feature.

So how exactly does our targeting feature help you find your perfect match? Koble targeting allows you to pick the exact group of people you want to address:

  • A specific company with buyers/sellers of matching interest

  • A group of connections you’ve established

    • Clients
    • Vendors
    • Prospects
    • Business partners
    • Workmates

The targeting feature also allows you to select another layer of specificity by selecting or refining by:

  • Geography, or the markets or places where you do business

  • Specific products and services

Being able to target specific people or groups means that when you’re telling your story or giving your pitch, you’re doing so to the most interested and compatible prospects.

With the targeting feature, you’re able to send very specifically, customized messages or pitches to those who actually want them, resulting in CTRs way beyond our average 2.55%.

Your business’s perfect matches are now just a feature away.

Post by: Koble