Have original content?

Turn content into Business with ABM and Social Selling

Informative content about your company and your products and services is the minimum required to get attention from your audience. Videos, downloadable pdfs and blog posts are among the most popular of all. But whatever type of media you choose, account specific content will increase audience engagement by a factor as high as 40% and in a digital world, traceable engagement becomes a real opportunity for social selling.

Demand Generation

Descriptions about your products and services, testimonials from your customers, comparative analysis and viewpoints are essential materials to trigger interest and keep your audience informed. These are the base layer of your marketing. Anyone with an interest or is already buying the products you sell will want to have access to this information.

The main challenges faced by Demand Generation strategy today:

Finding the right audience is difficult, as real buyers hide from sales people and buying cheap contact lists will not solve this
e-mails are so intrusive that companies are reinforcing spam filters and shifting to Slack type applications, making e-mail marketing a solution of the past
Bots are making demand generation metrics hard to believe and gating content behind a registration page generates fewer valuable leads

Koble Revolutionizes Demand Generation

Verified anonymous audience

When signing up with a verified company e-mail address, users can decide to remain invisible to the Network. Personal identities remain withheld from your company name as the Network interacts with you and your content. Users get revealed when they are convinced and decide 
to connect.

Interest-based targetable audience

Products and services as well as geographical choices made by users is the basis for our machine learning matching. The users, their interests and behaviours form the channels for communicating content via the feed. Targeting functionalities can further narrow your matching audience.

Measurable user engagement

Views and clicks activities are complemented by reading time metrics applied to your pictures, documents and videos. Traceability of engagement at the post, the user and the account level are all linked with one another.

Account Based Marketing

Demand Generation activities are designed to trigger interest from generic content. People showing interest are called Leads. Qualifying these Leads is an essential step to associate people to accounts in order to conduct account-specific activities also known as Account-Based-Marketing (ABM). These activities heavily rely on providing customised relevant content to the right people in the account.

Main challenges faced by Account Based Marketing today:

ABM relies heavily on the existence of organized Leads by Accounts that more often do not exist and require search and the purchasing of questionable lists
ABM communication continues to rely on sending e-mails to recipients with growing inboxes or shifting away to chat apps
ABM requires heavy research of each buying influencers making the approach time consuming and applicable for too few accounts

Koble makes ABM a reality

Linked Leads to Accounts

By requiring people to sign up to the platform with their corporate e-mail addresses, the users although anonymous, are always linked to a company account. Existing Leads with generic e-mails can also be identified as accounts when invited and joining the platform.

Targetable Matching Accounts

Targeting functionalities allow you to easily pick the account which has shown interest, whether you are connected with it or not. You can share custom content for that account via the feed and only buyers in that account that matches with your products and services will see 
your content.

Measureable Buying Signals

Though anonymous, users’ activity in the platform leaves traces by post and account, making it easy for you to know how many unique individual engagements you have and for how long they spend on your content.


Account-Based-Marketing prepares the ground for turning an initially interested account into a ready to be convinced account. This later stage of the process requires a smooth and qualified handover from marketing to sales. Sales ultimately becomes the party that turns the now prospect into an active account.

The Main challenges faced by Social Selling today:

Social selling in B2B requires active marketing involvement on social media primarily used by people for personal reasons
Social selling relies at best on social media sources expressing unexploitable personal views for the 
B2B space
Social selling activities happen on individual social media accounts often at a time when users are off work

Koble makes selling more social

Seamless marketing to sales handover

Marketing and sales users participate in Koble under the same company and have access to the same information. Notifications of Leads are forwarded via chats to one or many sales persons who create group discussions for optimal collaboration.

Company ownership and representation

Koble’s Targeting functionalities allow you to easily pick the account which has shown interest, whether you are connected with it or not. You can share custom content for that account via the feed and only buyers in that account that matches with your products and services will see 
your content.

Measureable Buying Signals

With in-app push and e-mail notifications linked to the user’s corporate e-mail address, Koble users get alerted while at work. Online, read, user typing features on chat also allow for optimal conversations.

No time to stay on top of the market?

Be the First to Know About Vendors, Innovation and Market Risks

Professional buyers know that as much as 75% of the value they deliver year in year out comes from product and supplier innovation. Knowing your market and what it has to offer is an ongoing process to keep up with the supplier market. With so much uncertainty in today’s world, being aware of the vulnerabilities surrounding the players in your market has become an absolute necessity.


Supply market intelligence is the baseline knowledge of any reputable purchasing manager. It covers understanding the players, their respective solutions, as well as their qualifications. While certain markets change very little, technology is reshaping most markets from high tech to low tech at a speed that requires constant monitoring.

Main challenges faced by Supply Market Intelligence today:

Keeping an exhaustive up-to-date supplier long list requires a lot of research, manual efforts and often time asking your internal clients
Internal Clients tend to know first before purchasing as suppliers tend to avoid the function that is perceived as a third wheel
With people staying in their job 4 years in average, your supplier contacts become obsolete at a pace of 25% 
 per year

Koble makes Supply Markets Intelligent

Matching Supply Network

Koble notifies you only when new matching companies join your market. As Koble operates as a network, matching suppliers from others also become available to you without revealing their provenance. By sharing you build an exhaustive view of the supply market faster than any 
search would.

Market Analytics

Supply markets positioned on a map provide an at-a-glance view of your supplier market organized by relationships. You can therefore easily discover new vendors in different parts of the world. As we operate as a network, every time your colleagues connect with vendors you’ll also know who in your company shares which vendor, making it easier to qualify and reach out.

Up to Date Information

As users only opt-in with a corporate e-mail address, changes in companies’ organizations are automatically reflected in your contacts. If a member of your supplier organization leaves and gets replaced, the replacement gets added to your contacts list and the old contact removed.


Large companies tend to work with one another. But with over 90% of businesses with less than 100 employees, keeping scores of relevant players is a must. The task is particularly important as their agility often offers unparalleled level of innovation, operational flexibility and significant cost reduction opportunities.

Main challenges faced by Innovation Scouting today:

Disruptions and value comes from a small and diverse supplier base that unlike large companies is difficult to find and have little resources to be found
Valuable information is often hidden on website forms to capture buyers’ information even at a very early stage of the process
Getting access to the right people often starts by the info desk and ends up on the supplier’s newsletter

Koble makes Small and Innovative Businesses visible

Matching and Searching

Our preference-based engine only puts you in front of the suppliers in your areas of interest and that can serve you where you need. As just finding a company is not enough, we allow you to filter the information to account for their business qualification, certifications, size and other information of importance.

Invisible Information Scouting

Unlike social media / networks, as a buyer in the platform you can decide to hide your identity to the network. In doing so only your workmates and connections in the platform will see you as a contact. This prevents unsolicited approaches from salespeople.

Anonymous chatting

As buyers form their opinion and long list of options, reading documents may not be sufficient. Koble allows you to anonymously get in contact with vendors without more than your company name being revealed. You can decide to reveal your identity to establish connection or leave the chat, thereby closing the channel for discussion.


Your suppliers are an integral part of your business and play an increasingly important role. A missing link and the chain can break, making the business vulnerable and costing millions of dollars. Being the first to know and anticipating disruptions differentiates leading organizations from others.

Main challenges faced by Risk Management today:

Risk management is often relegated only to the financial standing of large strategic suppliers
Market analysis is often considered on an ad-hoc basis as part of strategic reviews at best
Risk assessments are often conducted when it is too late and little can be done to address those situations at lower cost

Koble makes Risk manageable

Financial Risk

Koble offers financial data and risk for US based 
companies from partnering with leading credit score company Experian. This data not only provides the minimum information required to assess a company, 
such as company creation date, revenue and number of employees, but it also provides a risk analysis refreshed every 6 months.

Market Sentiment

Beyond financial data, market sentiment is provided for 
any company buyers on Koble may wish to follow. By providing market sentiments on a daily basis, buyers get a close to real-time assessment of the key players in their markets. The data provided from a partnership with leading Sentiment Analysis company Crimson Hexagon.


Risk is about timing. Knowing when things go very well maybe a cause for a well deserved congratulations note, or if they go very bad, to take appropriate actions and possibly find an alternative vendor. Here we also have you covered. Our notification system will let you know when things change so you don’t have to keep an eye on things all 
the time.

Losing digital control?

Get the best of “social” and turn each connection into a company asset by promoting networking

Business is increasingly done digitally. Platforms aggregating millions allow people to share, communicate and connect. Social Networks have now become inevitable tools to our daily lives and day to day communications.

And while the benefits of Networks are clear, their inherent consumer design has created massive liabilities for companies and business use:

Authenticity of parties are often in question as fake profiles and bots proliferate
Digital assets such as connections are the sole property of the individual
User privacy is limited, making way to digital harassment

Koble turns social networking into an accepted business practice

Company e-mail only

Koble imposes the use of a company e-mail address to use its services. The address used is verified prior the creation of an account. The domain allows Koble to create and attach users to a company. Companies are further matched against third party data such as Experian for additional verification and enrichment. This works to prevent fraud and the seeding of fake users and companies.

Digital Assets Management

The use of the company e-mail gives ownership of the account to the company not the individual staff member. Any connection, post, chat and other digital assets becomes the ownership of the company. In a case of change of responsibility the company can choose to re-allocate these assets and never lose the business threads started. The process also updates contacts on each side of the relationship bond reducing the cost of CRM maintenance.

Multi-Level Privacy

The Kole product and business model has been designed around privacy of the business exchange. Our users can choose to be invisible to people they are not connected with and communicate anonymously if they want. Browsing in the platform only leaves anonymous traces and names are never shared. Although counterparts can start chats from anonymous notifications, leaving the chat to terminate a conversation is always an option. Our obsession with privacy removes the fear of harassment and increases objective assessment.