The Salesperson’s Lot – If Only There Were Another Way

So you are sick and tired of sending out thousands of flyers, making unwanted and ill-received phone calls, listening to the sigh as you hear “I’ll talk to my boss and get back to you,”and attending monthly breakfast networking events with not a relevant bite in site. Such is the bane of the salesperson’s life. Wrong people, wrong place, wrong time, wrong information.

In the perfect Sales world, the buyer would come to you! They would already know your strengths, understand what makes you different, have matched their needs to your product, looked across the sea of similar vendors and fished you out. And you haven’t had to ply them with advertising leaflets, .gif files in your emails or alcohol – in fact, it hasn’t cost you a penny! They’ve taken the initiative, decided you are a potential supplier and given you a nudge! Now, all you have to do is respond – give them a nudge back and take it from there. But that isn’t possible, or is it? Well, maybe in a parallel universe!

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Post by: Koble