Tinder for business? Close, but not quite…

An article on Forbes¹ looked into the founders of Tinder’s next ideas. In the article they talked about matching business networks in a similar way to people who use their app. Here’s a quote from Tinder founder Sean Rad from the article:

“LinkedIn provides a helpful way of organizing existing business contacts, but it’s not effective for sparking new relationships. Connection requests from strangers on the network are just as unwanted as those on Facebook…. The benefits of eliminating spam and saving face are just as valuable.”

Tinder never fully went forward with their idea, but coincidentally at that same time the seeds of Koble were born. While we’ve been out on the road visiting companies and presenting Koble at conferences, we often get called a “Tinder for business”, which works for us in a way as it’s simple to understand and memorable.


We prefer Bumble* for business.

Not because we want to further ignite the war between the two dating apps but because the power Bumble gives to women is a welcome parallel to the one we give to professional buyers.

The process of matchmaking people to help them arrange dates is very similar to the one people face in business: You look for mutual interest, you engage and you hope to end up in a contractual relationship.


We do the hard work.

Koble does just that. You tell us what you are looking for when you set up a profile, you post content to attract attention. The more content you post, the more information your prospects will see (this is the same as adding more photos to your dating profile). We match you together and you engage with your matches.

Similarly, to Bumble, who aim at avoiding harassment, we also work hard to prevent the same in the process of establishing business relationships.


Connect quickly and easily.

We aim to make Koble as user-friendly as possible, so all you have to do is log in. Once logged in you’ll see companies that have been matched to your preferences and you’ll get notifications on your profile views.

All posts are seen in a way similar to other Social Media. Images, videos and other marketing materials are attached to these posts, so you can browse at your leisure before you choose to connect.


One click is all is needed to connect.

In Koble, a click from a user on your post or profile notifies you that there is interest from another company in what you offer. But even though the company name is visible, that person’s identity remains anonymous. This is the case even while you chat via the in-app IM and for as long as that person wishes.

Once you are both comfortable with how the conversation is going, the buyer then decides to reveal their identity. Allowing you to connect with each other and get right down to business.

So, in short; You sign up, add your preferences and post your content. We then do the matching and you see your matches and click to connect if you choose to.

It’s that simple… and If that’s not matchmaking, I don’t know what is!


*BTW, If you haven’t heard of Bumble, they are a more recent dating app set up by ex-Tinder board members. As we mentioned, it gives women the power to initiate any conversations with interested partners.


¹Not Just For Hookups: Tinder Looks To Conquer Business Networking

Post by: Fabrice