From Office Managers to CEOs, Marketing to Purchasing, everyone your business needs to connect with is on Koble

Because buying and selling involves multiple roles across different functions, we’ve designed Koble to make sure you’re connecting with the right people. From the Fortune 500 to local small businesses, participants in the B2B buying and selling process around the world are flocking to Koble.


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Users around the world vouch for Koble

“Content Marketing is for B2B what advertising is for B2C. Understanding what content marketing works and does not is paramount to generating demand and ensuring the effectiveness of our message. Koble helps us greatly in that matter.”

Pierre Lapree
Marketer at Per Angusta

“As well as keeping us informed about current suppliers, Koble gives us the chance to engage with firms that are new to us, including local and smaller businesses. These firms often have exceptional offerings from which we can benefit.”

Jim Hemmington
Chief Purchasing Officer, BBC

“Koble is an excellent platform for our content to reach the right audience. Beyond branding the platform allows us to effectively reach people without scaring them off with website forms, often causing us to miss out on opportunities.”

Tomi Ere
Partner at August

“Undertaking a comprehensive market assessment used to be done two ways: i) expensive use of consultants ii) inefficient web searches. With Koble we are finding an efficient and zero cost option to find and assess vendors. And what more satisfying than being one of the first to embrace such innovation”

Ville Vainio
IT Director at Yliopiston Apteeki

“Koble offers new opportunities to the Procurement community and its Vendors. The platform helps organizations to save time, get a fresh view on the market they work with, and take the best out of it. Relying on new technologies the users can share relevant information with colleagues on new products, materials, services, and hence speed up vendor adoption. On the other side it helps Vendors to land new clients and expand current ones by understanding their real level of interest through targeted communication channels. Free to sign up for both buyers and sellers, Koble keeps buyers individual identity anonymous until they decide to otherwise.”

Clotilde Hannetel
Founder and CEO at Achaz Consulting

“As Marketing Manager at Sprinklr, I am primarily focusing on finding new ways to drive scalable qualified demand generation solutions at low cost to support my sales team. As a B2B social platform dedicated to promoted product and service related content, Koble is a subtle marketing approach platform that fulfill both objectives. I use Koble in a very cost effective way which provides high end qualified leads that support our business.”

Arnaud Tamisier
SEMEA Marketing Manager at Sprinklr

"We completed an entire sales process with Koble from content sharing, connecting, negotiations on chat, exchange of contracts and payment receipts. My wife did not believe it!"

Jose Marcelino Ortiz
Founder and CEO at Chipotle Films

"Requesting information through Koble has helped me find new suppliers I started to do business with."

Herve Poirey
Global Category Manager - Metallics at Chassis Break